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Greetings from Tomsk

The teachers, staff and photojournalism students from Tomsk State University, who visited Hannover in March 2011 to establish a partnership, have sent christmas greetings from Sibiria. They are looking forward to the return visit of a delegation of the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography, who will travel the 5000 kilometre journey to Tomsk in April 2012. Like the Russian delegation, the group of students from Hannover will use a part of their time in Tomsk for photographic projects.
Happy new year! Новым годом!

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Photography student wins »UNICEF photo of the year«

Photo: Kai Löffelbein

Kai Löffelbein is the winner of this year's international »UNICEF photo of the year« competition. He received the award on December 20th from UNICEF patron Bettina Wulff in the Federal Press Conference building in Berlin. As the winner of the competition Kai Löffelbein also receives a Leica M9 with 35 mm f/1.4 and a photo assignment for GEO magazine.

Photo: Kai Löffelbein

Kai Löffelbein is the twelfth award winner of this international competition that started in 2000. Besides the three prizes the jury also awarded six horourable mentions. This year 119 photographers from 32 countries have been nominated by international experts and have submitted 1.228 photos.

The winning picture shows a boy on the toxic waste dump Agbogbloshie near Ghana's captial Accra. Surrounded by highly toxic vapours and electronic waste from the industrialized countries the boy holds a television tube high up in the air. At first glance it seems like a triumphant pose. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) there is a world wide production of electronic waste of 50 million tons each year. 6.500 tons are shipped to Ghana every month. Mainly children take apart and burn the toxic devices without any protection in order to get to valuable metal parts, which they sell to middlemen right on the waste dump.  The vapours produced by the burning waste are very toxic and cause asthma, skin rash, neuronal development disorders and even cancer.
Kai Löffelbein travelled through different countries in South America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe in the last years. The encounters with people, who have to fight for survial every day, made him realise that he had to use his photos to influence people. »I want my photos to make a statement for those who the public usually does not listen to. However I do not only want to lead the eye of the viewer to different social problems, but I want to involve the viewer, I want to show that we all have a responsibilty in this globalised world«, explains Kai Löffelbein.

The Unicef patron Bettina Wulff hands a certificate to Kai Löffelbein. Photo: Steffen Kugler

To the website of Kai Löffelbein
To the website of UNICEF


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Uwe H. Martin wins German Reporter Award 2011

Uwe H. Martin, who is a former photography student and graduate of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, has won the German reporter award 2011 in the »best web reportage« category for his multimedia reportage »Texas Blues«. The story from Lubbock/Texas, a place which is called the cotton capital of the world, is one of many stories about the white gold, produced in different locations around the world. In these stories Uwe H. Martin deals with the social and economic consequences of the cotton industry world wide.
»Martin successfully captured the dusty every day life of the farmers, who suffer from the growing influence of the seed company Monsanto as well as from fluctuating cotton prices«, explains the jury. »Texas Blues« is a compact collage of audio quotes, photos and film sequences, which brilliantly uses the narrative possibilities of the internet. Among the members of the jury were renowned media professionals like the television journalist Claus Kleber and the authors Manfred Bissinger and Jörg Thadeusz. 

Among the 10 web reportages nominated for the reporter award, 6 were produced or co-produced by graduates and students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. In 2010 Felix Seuffert, who also studied photojournalism at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, won the reporter award in the same category. His winning reportage »After the War« was produced by the multimedia production studio »2470media«, which had been founded by former photography students from Hannover.

To the multimedia production »Texas Blues« on the website of Uwe H. Martin

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Exhibition opening in Kassel



The photography student Johannes Kühner will present his documentary photography project »Die Schamzone einer Stadt« (»A city's zone of shame«) in the Kunsttempel Kassel from December 10th 2011 to January 15th 2012. It is based on a text with the same name by Christine Brückner. The exhibition will be opened on December 10th at 7 pm. The famous writer, who is the stepgrandmother of the photographer, would have celebrated her 90th birthday on the day of the exhibition opening. 

Brückner felt the changes in Kassel already in 1974. Back then she described in »Die Schamzone einer Stadt«, how she took a walk from the Karlsaue to the south with her husband Otto Heinrich Kühner. From the park they walked out into »a no man's land, a universal landscape, a secretive area, not mentioned in any illustrated book or brochure.«

While the writer described her city in images using language, Johannes Kühner documents the same path 37 years later with medium format photographs. The immediate comparison of language and photography shows what is still there and what had to give way to urban development over the years. In Brückner's words: how »the democratization of a landscape« took place.

Exhibition opening: December 10th 2011, 7 pm
Place: Kunsttempel Kassel
Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday 2 pm to 6 pm and by arrangement (phone: 0561/2 43 04 or block@brueckner-kuehner.de)

To the website of Johannes Kühner 
To the website of the Kunsttempel

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Photography students returned from Wendland

Press camp in a barn in Breese. Photo: KAVEH

More than 25 photography and journalism students from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover took part in the press camp »The Gorleben Project« (organised by the Young Presse Lower Saxony and the dju student group) and documented the protests against the CASTOR transport in the Wendland. After six exhausting days they returned with impressive photos and lasting experiences. The working conditions were not easy in complex terrain, with a permanent lack of sleep and sometimes the police even limited the freedom of press. 

Thanks to the support of many friendly people from the village of Breese and surroundings, who offered places to sleep in a barn, enough food all day long and space for the editorial department, it was possible to publish, print and distribute an 8-page paper every day from November 24th to 29th. All issues can be downloaded on the website of the Gorleben Project. 

To the website of the Gorleben Project
To the broadcast of NDR: »Police versus press: Clash near the Castor«

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The Gorleben Project - Press camp in Wendland


Screenshot thegorlebenproject.org

The student group of the dju (German journalist union), which some photography students are members of, and the Young Press Lower Saxony have organised a press camp in Gorleben/Breese from November 23rd to November 28th 2011. The press camp offers networking, accommodation and logistics for the news coverage of this year's CASTOR transport to Gorleben.
The aim is networking and exchanging of experiences between young journalists and experienced colleagues. The main goal of the organizers is to facilitate an independent media coverage.   
The practical work will be made public in a blog and an e-paper every day. The printed version of the paper will be handed out in Gorleben, while the digital version can be ordered on the website of the project and can be printed and distributed near and far.

To the website of the Gorleben Project



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Vattenfall Photo Prize 2011 awarded to Lene Münch

From the winning photo series »Forever loyal« by Lene Münch.

Lene Münch, who graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts this year, has won the Vattenfall Photo Prize for her work »Forever loyal« and will receive a prize money of 10.000€ plus an exhibition in the C/O Gallery in Berlin.

This year's topic of the competition was »cooperation«. A jury consisting of Ingo Taubhorn (Deichtorhallen Hamburg), Stephan Erfurt (C/O Berlin), Robert Lebeck (photographer), Rainer Knauber (Vattenfall Europe AG) and Hanna Marie Ebert (curator of the Vattenfall Collection) have looked through 200 applications and chose the strongest positions.
With a total prize money of 27.000 euro the Vattenfall Photo Prize has the highest prize money for an award for young photography in Germany. The winner of the first prize receives 10.000 euro, the second place receives 8.000 euro and the third 6.000 euro. There is an additional award of 3.000 euro for the best single image.

The award ceremony will take place on November 23rd 2011 at 9 pm in the C/O Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition of the winning works is presented from November 24th 2011 until January 15th 2012. 

Place: C/O Berlin, Atelier im Hof des Postfuhramt, Auguststraße 5a, 10117 Berlin
Time: November 24th 2011 until January 15th 2012
Opening hours: 11 am to 8 pm every day
Entrance fee: free

To the website of Lene Münch
To the website of C/O Berlin

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Photography students and graduates nominated for German Reporter Award

Two students and four graduates of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover have been nominated for the »Deutscher Reporterpreis 2011« (German Reporter Award) in the »web reportage« category. That means half of the nominated stories have been produced by (former) students from Hannover or by production teams including students from Hannover.

Lela Ahmadzai's web reportage shows the every day life of the members of the Afghan women soccer national team. Shooresh Fezoni produced a multimedia reportage together with Franz Sickinger and Andreas Geipel about the fans of the Argentinian Soccer Club Quilmes (The brewers of Quilmes). Anna Jockisch's final project »Dügün means wedding« about a Turkish wedding in Germany was also nominated. »Texas Blues« is the title of Uwe H. Martin's web reportage about cotton plantations in Texas. The photography student Jannis Keil is nominated together with Kay Meseberg and Plutonia Plarre for the web reportage »The homeless« in »Berlin-Series« produced for the TAZ. He produced this story during his internship with 2470media. Also nominated is photography student Jörg Volland together with Holger Jacoby and Rupert Warren for the web reportage »Inner chords«, which was produced during a Freelens Multimedia Workshops held by Uwe H. Martin and Oliver Eberhardt. 

On December 5th the decision will be taken by a jury, consisting of several high-ranking representatives from journalism, publishers and film, among them Manfred Bissinger, Harald Schmit, Klaus Kleber and Doris Dörrie. The Reporter Award has eight categories and there is a total prize money of 25.000 euro. The competition is held by the reporter-forum. The former photography student Felix seuffert has won the reporter award in the web reportage category in 2010.

To the website of the Reporter Forum


To the nominated reportages (in German):

»Die ersten auf dem Platz« Lela Ahmadzais

»Dügün heißt Hochzeit« Anna Jockisch 

»Die Bierbrauer von Quilmes« Shooresh Fezoni, Franz Sickinger, Andreas Geipel 

»Texas Blues« Uwe H. Martin 

»Der Obdachlose« Jannis Keil, Kay Meseberg, Plutonia Plarre

»Innere Saiten« Jörg Volland, Holger Jacoby, Rupert Warren

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Field trip to the »W. Eugene Smith« exhibition

Photography students in the Eugene Smith exhibition in Berlin. Photo: Khalid Aziz

As part of the their courses the students of the first and third semester visited the exhibition »W. Eugene Smith – Photographs. A retrospective« together with Knut Giebel, Prof. Rolf Nobel and Prof. Karen Fromm. The exhibition is currently presented in the Martin-Gropius building, the former museum of arts and crafts in Berlin. The choise of themes and pictures was done by the curator Enrica Viganò herself, in the archive of the »Center of Creative Photography', in Tuscan, Arizona.

Smith became famous for his social and political photo reportages in the 1940s and 50s. As a concerned photojournalist he set up new standards with his moving photos and thoroughly researched  reportages. Clear ideas and a work without compromises did not only lead to a lack of understanding among his publishers and probands, but also split up his family eventually.  

»...  I have to find the truth, and here you’re not letting me. You force me to be superficial, and for me, superficiality is a lie. Hence, I must leave Lambaréné«, W. Eugene Smith wrote in a letter to Albert Schweitzer concerning the reportage »A man of mercy«.

The students especially liked the clear structure of the reportages. The story behind some of the photos could be reconstructed from the contact prints, which are also shown. In his monumental reportage about Pittsburgh, which he determinedly worked on for four years, his restless passion becomes clear. His failure in this project stayed with him for the rest of his life. He wanted to show perfection in planning, concept and layout, but Smith's personality stood in the way of a financial success – he wanted the publishing to follow his ideas only.

Prof. Rolf Nobel told some anecdotes from Eugene Smith's life to help the students to better understand the special personality of this photographer, who seemingly subordinated his entire life to his work and his standards. 
The exhibition is on display in the Walter-Gropius building in Berlin until November 27th 2011.


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Sonja Och wins CPOY 2011 silver medal

From »Phenomenal Woman - That´s me«. Foto: Sonja Och

The photography student Sonja Och of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover won a silver medal in the category »International Picture Story« of the worlds largest photography competition for college and university students CPOY (College Photographer of the Year). Only 18 of the 72 awards were given to students from Europe. Michael Hauri, who graduated at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover last year, has won an Award of Excellence at CPOY in 2008.

The competition is held by the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia (Missouri), one of the leading schools for photojournalism in the USA. Sonja Och's work »Phenomenal Woman - That´s me« gives insights of the life of a stripper. She produced this reportage during her semester in Aarhus/Denmark. Sonja is currently studying in Columbia with a Fulbright scholarship.

To the website of Sonja Och
To the website of CPOY 

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Ann Sophie Lindström's exhibition opened in VGH gallery

Film: Patrice Kunte

When Jochen Herdecke, member of the board of executives of the VGH assurance, opened the exhibition on November 10th, the atrium of the VGH gallery was filled with photography students and teachers, employees of the VGH and many other guests, among them were also some of Ann Sophie's protagonists of her presented photo reportage »Punk is not dead«.

In his opening speech Prof. Rolf Nobel talked about the motives why so many journalists and photographers are drawn to war zones. One aspect may be that photographers hope to become famous more quickly with spectacular war photos than with the relatively unspectacular themes at home. In the contrast to that, Ann Sophie Lindström's work »is a good example for the existance of uncharted territory in our immediate environment, and that you don't have to travel thousands of kilometres around the world«, explains Prof. Rolf Nobel.

More than 180 visitors were present at the exhibition opening in the VGH gallery. Photos: Patrice Kunte.

Other works that the jury, consisting of Ruth Eichhorn (GEO), Christian Pohlert (FAZ), Andreas Trampe (stern), Michael Thomas (HAZ) and Prof. Rolf Nobel, took into the close descision where the reportage by Ole Krünkelfeld about the Hannover central police station, Philipp Jeske's reportage about the Galata bridge in Istanbul, Joanna Nottebrock's project »544« about people who spend their old days alone, and »Still Moving« by Kim Bierbrauer, which is an approach to the border between photography and film.
The final decision was between Kai Löffelbein's reportage about a waste dump in Ghana and Ann Sophie Lindström's reportage about punks in Hannover. »None of the jurors has ever seen a reportage about this subculture, in which the photographer managed to enter so deeply into the world of the punks as Ann Sophie Lindström«, Prof. Nobel explained the decision of the jury, »At the same time Ann Sophie's photos are taken with great empathy for her protagonists and are extraordinarily well composed.«

(from left to right) Executive bord member of the VGH assurance Jochen Herdecke, award winner Ann Sophie Lindström and Prof. Rolf Nobel

The exhibition »Punk is not dead« is presented in the VGH gallery until January 31st 2012.

Place: VGH Gallery, Schiffgraben 4, 30159 Hannover

Time: November 11th 2011 to January 31st 2012

Opening hours: 11 am to 5 pm every day
Entrance fee: free


To the website of Ann Sophie Lindström
To the website of VGH galerie

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New exhibitions in the businesswomen centre

After the works of Gretje Treiber, Kai Löffelbein and Jakob von Siebenthal the businesswomen Hannover is now presenting the works of the photography students Nina Weymann-Schulz and Johannes Kühner. The exhibition will be opened Thursday November 3rd at 6 pm and is open to the public until January 20th 2012.

Photo: Johannes Kühner

In his photo essay »Free on rail: living next to the railroads« Johannes Kühner tells the story of the train station in Ottersberg. The building has been vacant until students of the University of Applied Sciences Ottersberg bought it in 1991 and started reconstructing it. Since that time up to 18 people are living in the landmarked building. As members of the nonprofit association »Train station« they do not only look after preserving the station, but they also organize cultural events in the basement, the former train station restaurant and the warehouse.

Photo: Nina Weymann-Schulz

Nina Weymann-Schulz presents her work „Chinatownvertical“, which already received the Canon ProfiFoto sponsorship award this year. It is about the intersection of the Asian and the western cultural area. With her vertical panorama photos the photography student visually approaches the Chinese calligraphy and water painting. The presented works show the modern Asian living areas in the western cities of New York and Paris and refer to the mutual influence and the personal search for identity between the cultures for generations. 

Exhibition opening: November 3rd 2011, 6 pm
Place: Unternehmerinnen-Zentrum Hannover, Hohe Strasse 9 and 11 (Linden Mitte, station „Schwarzer Bär“)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm

To the website of the businesswomen centre Hannover
To the website of Nina Weymann-Schulz 
To the website of Johannes Kühner

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Exhibition of the »Violence against women« poster campaign

Violence is usually directed at weaker persons and does not only occur far away in unknown countries. It takes place in our own families and in the flat next to us. The exhibition »Violence against women« shows different scenes, that not only describe the physical brutality against women but also the psychological types of violence, which often can't be seen by outsiders.

Domestic violence and violence against women has been a taboo issue, which was only cautiously tackled, if at all. Since the 1970s this is changing gradually. Photography students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover led by Knut Giebel took on this sensible topic. Graphic design students instructed by Prof. Walter Hellmann created a poster campaign from four of the submitted 19 images. The posters were put up in the Hannover region from July 10th to July 27th 2011. The aim of the campaign is not only to inform people and create awareness for the issue, but also to encourage the female victims to get professional help.

Prof. Klaus Honnef (cultural award winner of the DGPh) and Prof. Dr. Christine Morgenroth (social psychologist, Hannover University) will give speeches at the exhibition opening on October 27th 2011 at 5 pm in the Design Center. You can see the exhibition in the Design Center of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover for the following four weeks.

Exhibition opening: October 27th 2011, 5 pm, Expo Plaza 2, Hannover 

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»Meine Quelle« exhibition extended

The exhibition of Stefan Koch's diploma »Meine Quelle - about the disappearing of a historic company in Germany«, which already won the portfolio review o the friends of the House of Photography e.V. this year, is extended due to the occasion of the second anniversary of the insolvency of the Quelle company, and can be seen in the Kulturreich gallery in Hamburg until November 3rd.

From »Meine Quelle«. Photo: Stefan Koch

Place: Kulturreich gallery, Wexstraße 28, 20355 HamburgTime: September 25th to November 3rd 2011Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12 am to 6 pm

To the website of the »Meine Quelle« project 
To the website of the Kulturreich gallery

(in German) Zeit online about »Meine Quelle«

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Ann Sophie Lindström wins VGH photo award 2011

It was amazingly quiet in the rooms of the Design Center in Hannover during the jury meeting for the VGH photo award. Andreas Trampe of »stern« interrupts the silence »Have you seen this one yet? That story is super, and it's photographed so amazingly empathic. Great!« The other jury members, Ruth Eichhorn (GEO), Christian Pohlert (F.A.Z.), Michael Thomas (HAZ) and Prof. Rolf Nobel nodded in agreement, continued the review of the submitted works and the silence in the room continued again.

From the winning work »Punk's not dead«. Photo: Ann Sophie Lindström

After five hours and 46 submitted works the winner of this year's VGH award was chosen. Ann Sophie Lindström convinced the jury with her work »Punk's not dead« by her special perspective, the narrative quality and the noticeable closeness to her protagonists. Her reportage tells the story of a handful of young punks, who live outside of the capitalist urban jungle. They live in a trailer in the outskirts of Hannover's Nordstadt according to their own ideas and do whatever comes to their minds. Free, easy-going and often very chaotic.

The jury consisting of (f.l.t.r.) Prof. Rolf Nobel (FHH), Ruth Eichhorn (GEO), Michael Thomas (HAZ), Andreas Trampe (stern) and Christian Pohlert (F.A.Z.). Photo: Patrice Kunte

All the submitted works were impressive in their thematic diversity. They tell about people on mountains of rubbish in Ghana, who take apart electronic waste or about the every day life of a family with an autistic boy, or about the hard professional reality at the police station in central Hannover. The top-class jury was impressed by the density of quality, which did not make it easy for them to chose the award winner.

The winner of the VGH photo award 2011
Ann Sophie Lindström. Photo: Patrice Kunte

Ann Sophie Lindström will receive an award of 10.000 € sponsored by the VGH insurance and is looking forward to her exhibition in the VGH gallery in Hannover. The exhibition opening takes place on Thurday November 10th 2011. The exhibition will be on display in the VGH gallery until January 31st 2012.

To the website of the VGH gallery

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Three photo students from Hannover at the Eddie Adams Workshop

Lene Münch, Sonja Och and Jens Gyarmaty had been invited to the 24. Barnstorm in Jeffersonville, NY. Each year young photographers from all around the world can apply for the 100 places of the Eddie Adams workshop. The workshop offers four days with a broad lecture programme held by international photographers from different areas of photojournalism and documenary photography. This year's programme was opend by Eugene Richards. The participants were devided into teams, which were led by a team leader, a producer and an editor, who supervised the distribution, production and review of the photo assignments. Well-known photographers like Todd Heisler, Melanie Burford and Brenda Ann Kenneally took time to talk with the participants personally. During the portfolio reviews at night the participants had the chance to show their work to well-known picture editors and photographers to get feedback. The workshop ended four days later with a presentation of the produced work and a big party.

Lene Münch's assignment was a story about a 5-year-old boy named Joseph, who grows up as an only child on his parents' horse breading farm. They left New York City eight years ago to start a new life in the country. As both parents are busy with their horses all day long Joseph has to find things to do for himself. He enjoys moments of closeness with his parents even more.

Joseph with his father. Photo: Lene Münch

The reportage of Sonja Och is about a family with several developmentally challenged children.
 Julia, 25, is blind on one eye and has autism. She was raped by her father when she was very young and was raped again by some teenagers at her school. Rico, 12 has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and Ellen, 23, also has autism. The youngest child Raquel, 5 years old, is the only one in the family who has no disabilities.

Raquel, 5, is the only one in her family with no disabilities. Photo: Sonja Och

Jens Gyarmaty visited a family, who left Brooklyn NY a year ago to move to the country. Jen, Kai and their four-year-old son Sebastian have bought a farm with the help of friends and family. They wish to learn to live self-sufficient and get to know nature, the seasons and the joys and sorrows of country life.

The new family in town is treated like foreigners by the local people. Sebastian starts Kindergarten next year. Jen and Kai hope they will get to know people better then. Photo: Jens Gyarmaty

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Exhibition opening »Zu Gast im Literarischen Salon«

Photography student Franz Bischof attended the programme of the »literary salon«  in Hannover in Spring of 2011 to portray the guests of twelve events. The Conti building also becomes a theme his photo series as he chose a different place on the Conti campus for each photo session.

Zsuzsa Bánk in the foyer of the Conti skyscraper. Photo: Franz Bischof

His photo series portrays the various personalities of the guests as well as the Conti complex, as a unique place with its diverse esthetic quality and grandeur.

The photo series is displayed in large-format prints in the beautifully renovated foyer of the faculty of economics on the Conti campus.

»Zu Gast im Literarischen Salon«  (Guests of the Literary Salon)

Exhibition: October 17th to 31st 2011, 10 am to 8 pm
Vernissage: Monday, October 17th 6.30 pm

Place: foyer of the Conti building (building 1501), 
Leibniz University Hannover
Königsworther Platz 1 

To the website of the Literary Salon

To the website of Franz Bischof

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Photo student featured at contemporary documentary photography festival

The jury of the FotoDoks Festival 2011 has chosen Alexander Ziegler's photo project »Wide Island« together with the works of 15 other photographers from Germany and Italy for the exhibition »Unglaublich-Incredibile - Sensationslust, Dokument, Realität« (Incredible - sensationalism, document, reality). Alexander Ziegler photographed the project »Wide Island« during his study visit at Hannover's partner university in Hiroshima between October 2010 and March 2011.

»Alexander Ziegler managed to take new, unbiased and suggestive images of a place which is loaded a lot historically and by the media. He shows his own subjective impressions of the city of Hiroshima, without putting it into a context or repeating the established imagery of ruins, wounds and mushroom clouds. In a subtle and quiet way he lets the viewers feel the strange interaction of expectations and realities, which are connected to this place, and gives them the feeling that something is a tiny bit out of sync realtive to the normal and predictable«, says Sophia Greiff (jury of FotoDoks) in her jury statement.

Photo: Alexander Ziegler

The exhibition titled »Unglaublich – Incredibile« will be opened on October 12th at 6.30 pm in the city museum of Munich and is open to the public until November 13th 2011. Besides the exhibition a series of lectures and panel discussions on the current situation of author photography in Germany and in the featured country Italy are also part of the programme of the FotoDoks Festival. Among others the Magnum photographers Thomas Dworzak, Moises Saman and Christopher Anderson will hold lectures and talk about their works.

Place: Stadtmuseum München (city museum Munich)
Exhibition opening: October 12th 2011 6.30 pm
Opening hours: October 13th to November 13th 2011, Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

To the website of Alexander Ziegler
To the website of FotoDoks

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LiMa regional meeting in the Design Center

The LiMAregional meeting takes place in the Design Center of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts on Saturday October 15th. The LiMa (left media academy) is a nonprofit association, on their own account the »largest and most interesting academy for journalism, community media, public relations work and media competence beyond the mainstream«. They offer lectures, debates and practical workshops, some are held by well-known media professionals and journalists. The LiMA is supported by different parties, organisations and publishers such as TAZ, Neues Deutschland and Freitag.


9 am: Registration: FH Hannover | Fakultät III | degree programme photojournalism and documentary photografie, Expo Plaza 2, 30539 Hannover

9.30 am: Welcome
10 am: Lecture

Starting at 11 am: Parallel workshops
WS 1: Internet research: Press and media law, ressources
WS 2: Scribus and GIMP – First steps: image processing with open source software
WS 3: Let photos speak – photo workshop »the reportage«
WS 4: Layout essentials
WS 5: Sustainable communication strategies for left and social movements in the web 2.0
WS 6: Press work for social movements 
WS 7: Writing for online media
WS 8: Confusing economic topics and boring statistics brought alive

Lunch break 1 pm to 2 pm

Workshops until 5.45 pm
6 pm: Lecture and discussion „How are wie presented in the media?“

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Four photography students in the exhibition of Schömberger Fotoherbst

»Lukas – every day life of an autistic child«. Photo: Martin Neumann

The works of three photography students and one graduate from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover are presented in the exhibition of the »Schömberger Fotoherbst«. Joanna Nottebrocks final project »Fivehundredfourtyfour - Seven lifes in old age«, »On the farm« by Rafael Brix, »Lukas – Every day life of an autistic child« by Martin Neumann and »Bella Germania - Germans on Union Lido« by Insa Hagemann can be seen in Schömberg.

»Bella Germania - Germans on Union Lido«. Photo: Insa Hagemann 

The »Schömberger Fotoherbst« is an international photo festival for reportage photography and travel photography and takes place every second year in the northern Black Forest. For this time the town of Schömberg becomes one large gallery. 25 photo series of professional photographers are displayed in the town hall and the »Kurhaus«, another 25 photo series by amateur photographers are presented in the shop windows of different retail shops throughout town. In both categories there will be one award of the jury and one audience award. Joanna Nottebrock won the award of the jury in the professional category already in 2010 for her reportage »Family on board – Life and work on an inland water vessel«.


»On the farm«. Photo: Rafael Brix

The festival was opened on Friday October 7th at 7 pm in the town hall of Schömberg. During the festival there is an extensive programme with different photo workshops, slide shows and lectures. The »Schömberger Fotoherbst« closes October 22nd at 7 pm with an award ceremony in the »Kurhaus.

»Fivehundredfourtyfour - seven lifes in old age«. Photo: Joanna Nottebrock

Place: town hall and Kurhaus in Schömberg
Opening hours: 7.10. to 22.10.2011Monday to Thursday. 8 am to 5 pm, Friday  8 am to 6.30 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday 11 am to 6 pm
Street gallery: 24/7 in the shop windows


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Successful exhibition opening

Photo: Moritz Küstner

More than 150 visitors were present when the chairman of the society for arts promotion in Lower Saxony, Reinhard Scheibe, opened the Istanbul exhibition of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in the gallery »Vom Zufall und vom Glück« on October 4th 2011.

As a special guest Tunca Özçuhadar, the Turkish consul general in Hannover, spoke about the dynamic city of Istanbul as a work of art itself, and invited the visitors to experience the special atmosphere of Istanbul in this exhibition. Besides two Turkish musicians of the group Troja it was especially photography student Emine Akbaba and her family who created the suitable Istanbul atmosphere in the exhibition with a buffet of Turkish specialties for the guests.

Photo: Karsten Klama

Prof. Rolf Nobel began his opening speech by listing the numerous little accidents that occurred to some students during the field trip, and then he expressed his appreciation for the friendly hospitality that the people of Istanbul offered to the photography students. The presented works show a variety of picture languages, from momentary photography to reserved documentarism, from small reportages to single images to series. Another important photographic genre of this exhibition is street photography. It is about the moment, which you can't plan and for which you can't ask for a photo permit. Street photography stays an aggressive kind of photography, but the people in Istanbul let the students take their pictures as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

The exhibition is on display until November 4th and ends with a concluding event on November 4th starting at 5 pm.

Photo: Karsten Klama

Place: Gallery »Vom Zufall und vom Glück«, Theodor-Lessing-Platz 2, 
30159 Hannover
Opening hours: until November 4th 2011, Tuesday to Friday 2 pm to 6 pm, 
Saturday and Sunday 12 am to 4 pm, closed on 
Concluding event: November 4th 2011 at 5 pm.

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Gallery »vom Zufall & vom Glück« shows Istanbul exhibition

Photo: Tom Keydel

Istanbul, the Turkish megacity on the Bosporus with its more than 13 million inhabitants and its location on two continents has always been a symbol for the ambivalence of the country in modern times. The pulsation of the city between modern age and tradtion accounts for a much of its attraction.

Photo: Philipp Jeske

For the third time a group of photography students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover took a one week field trip to Istanbul. The aim of the field trip was the photographic encounter and exploration of the city. The exhibition »Istanbul« shows 121 photos of more than 20 students. The repertoire of the works includes numerous topics and various photographic genres. The styles range from reserved documentarism to momentary journalistic photography.  

Photo: Simon Peters

Besides reportages about for example the silversmiths, the famous Galata Bridge and the carriage drivers of the Princes' Islands, a large part of the exhibition is dedicated to street photography. What city migh be more suitable for street photography than Istanbul, where life mostly takes places in public space and photography becomes a significant reflection of the bubbly life and culture?


Photo: Julius Matuschik 

Exhibition opening: October 4th, 7 pm
Exhibition: Oktober 4th to November 3rd, Tuesday to Friday 2 pm to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 am to 4 pm
Gallery »vom Zufall & vom Glück«, Theodor–Lessing-Platz 2, 30159 Hannover


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Trade fair »picture.language« in Gelsenkirchen

The degree progamme photojournalism and documentary photography takes part in the trade fair »picture.language«, a trade fair for applied photography. With lectures, exhibitions and workshops the trade fair serves to present and discover new picture languages for the task of tomorow's communication. It is a plattform for the different players of applied photography to get information on news, trends and products.

After the official opening on friday September 30th there is a lecture programme on the topic »good pictures: now!« about the challenges and new developments of the picture market. The introduction was held by Dr. Christiane Fricke, DPGh, chairwoman of the section of art, market and law.Among the lecturers are Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt (DPGh, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover), Klaus Plaumann (Vice President of the European network of picture agencies CEPIC (Centre of the Picture Industry)) and Regina Plaar (member of the executive board of the picture agency laif).

For the first time this year there will be an award for the »best picture.language 2011«. The photography award, sponsored by the foundation of the bank Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen, is worth 2.500 € and all photographers who are taking part in the trade fair are eligible.

Opening hours

Friday September 30th 1 pm to 9 pm 
Saturday October 1st 11 am to 7 pm

Entrance fee: one day: 10,00 €, two days: 15,00 €

To the website of the trade fair


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Third professor in the photography department

Karen Fromm is taking on the interim position as third professor in the degree programme »photojournalism and documentary photography« for the winter term 2011/2012 . She had already taught several classes at the university of applied sciences and arts Hannover in the summer term 2011 as teaching assignment.

Photo: Stefanie Preuin

Karen Fromm, who was born in 1968, studied art history, literature and cultural administration in Hamburg and Berlin. Still during her time as a student she founded the Pfefferberg gallery in Berlin in 1995. After graduating she worked for Gruner+Jahr from 1999 to 2008 as head of the department for exhibitions, CSR and Corporate Design. From 2008 to 2011 she was a member of the executive board of the photo and press agency FOCUS, where she was responsible for photographic longterm projects among other things.

In her classes Karen Fromm talks about concepts of picture language in the journalistic photography.  

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Kestnergesellschaft shows the exhibition »Orphans of medicine«

The exhibition »Orphans of medicine – life with a rare disease« by the photography students Verena Müller and Maria Irl and the photographer Kathrin Harms from Berlin is presented in Hannover again. The touching photos of children with a rare disease and of their families show what it might feel like to live with a rare disease. In their photos they have captured the hurdles and boundaries, but also the courage to live, the power and the happiness of the concerned people.

Little Josi has the Williams-Beuren-Syndrome. Photo: Verena Müller

The exhibition was opened on September 22nd at 7 pm in the Kestnergesellschaft in Hannover and is on display until October 31st. During the exhibition opening there was a panel discussion on the topic of rare diseases and the related challenges with representatives of the Care-for-Rare foundation, the Medical University Hannover, the organisation ACHSE e.V. (alliance of chronic rare diseases) and the mother of child with a rare disease.

Place: Kestnergesellschaft, Goseriede 11, 30159 Hannover
Time: September 23rd to October 31st, daily 11 am to 6 pm, on Thurdays 11 am to 8 pm, closed on Mondays


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Au revoir Perpignan

Perpignan is the centre of the world – at least it was for Salvador Dalí. He always had the best ideas in the waiting area of the train station. However for photojournalists and picture agencies from all over the world the town in southern France is the centre of their cosmos. Each year in late summer thousands travel to this place on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The international festival for photojournalism »Visa pour l'image« in Perpignan is a place to develop ideas, maintain contacts and discuss photography. Therefore the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover has a had a guest exhibition there each year since 2002.

Photos: Joanna Nottebrock 

This year they presented a streetphotography exhibition within the Visa Off programme in La Salle des Libertés (see fotostudenten.de). Among the numerous guests of the vernissage there were also the honorary consul of Germany, Dr. Nicole Bringmann, the president of VISA Off Didier Hoiry and Maurice Halimi, the deputy mayor and responsible for culture of the town of Perpignan.

The picture editor of the »NZZ am Sonntag«, Oswald Eggenschwiler, considered this exposition especially interesting: »For me Perpignan is getting to know the work of photographers with who I can imagine to work together for the »NZZ am Sonntag« in the future. The exhibition of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover was interesting and full of information, and I got to know some of the students personally. And: I can remember several of the pictures, that is not self-evident after this flood of pictures for several days.«

The students from Hannover were also amazed by the mass of photos. Exhibitions in the Chapelle du Tiers or the screenings on the Campo Santo each evenings were places for which seven students have travelled to Perpignan this year. The master student Joanna Nottebrock was especially amazed by the works of the photographer Martina Bacigalupo, who presented a story about the every day life of a woman in the north of Uganda who lost a leg in a mine. She was also fascinated by the work of the photographers Cèdric Gerbehaye and Shaul Schwarz, who stood out because of their very different picture languages.

After this huge dose of photography the students have to catch their breath and continue their own reportages again – inspired by the works seen in Perpignan. Last but not least: In the end the exhibition of the photography students received a special mention from the jury of the Visa Off programme.

To the website of the festival »Visa Pour l'image«

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Nina Weymann-Schulz wins Canon ProfiFoto sponsorship award

Photo: Nina Weymann-Schulz

As in the previous years there is again a photography student from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover among the winners of »Canon ProfiFoto sponsorship award«. Nina Weymann-Schulz just received Canon photo equipment worth 2000 € for her series »Chinatownvertical«.

The series »Chinatownvertical« constists only of vertikal photos taken with a Horizon panoramic camera. So far the photos have been taken in New York City. Nina plans to photograph in London Soho and in the quartier asiatique in Paris, which is the largest chinatown in Europe. The photographic series is an approach to the differences between East and West at the point where there is an intersection: in the Asian quarters of North American and European cities. From a historical point of view »chinatowns« are witnesses of a long history of migration, from a human point of view they are a place for cultural differences, segregation, and the personal search for identity between cultures.

To the website of Nina Weymann-Schulz
To the portfolio of Nina Weymann-Schulz
To the website of the Canon ProfiFoto scholarship award

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Street photography at the »Visa Off« in Perpignan

Photo: Insa Hagemann

An exhibition of the degree programm photojournalism and documentary photography in Perpignan

As every year in the end of August and early September the degree programm photojournalism and documentary photography will be presenting an exhibition as part of of the »Visa Off« programm of the photofestival Fotofestivals »Visa pour l'Image« in Perpignan again this year. The exhibition features a selection of photos titled »street photography«, that have been taken in a number of different cities around the world. The photos give an impression of the atmosphere of Berlin, Istanbul, Kaliningrad, London, Poznan, and last but not least Hannover and Perpignan. These are photos that were taken without an assignment, just for the pleasure of taking pictures. Street photography is a topic that has been fascinating photographers and as well as the viewers of the pictures since almost one hundred years. Coincidence is the director when photographers choose pulic space as a topic, because it means: strolling through the streets and photographing, simply drifting, always ready to pounce and capture the coexistence of city life in a photograph. The joy of observing is connected with the necessity to grasp the situation very fast.

The exhibiton shows works of students of all semesters. It can be seen every day from August 30th to September 5th 2011 between 10 am and 6 pm in La Salle des Libertés (Rue Edmont Bartissol 3, Perpignan, France).
Afterwards this exhibiton will also be on display during the showcase in the Design Center, Expo Plaza 2 in Hannover from September 20th to September 23rd 2011.


Place: La Salle des Libertés, Rue Edmont Bartissol 3, Perpignan, France
Time: August 30th to to September 5th 2011

Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm every day
Entrance fee: free
Vernissage: August 30th 2011 at 6 pm

To the website of the photofestival Visa pour l'Image Perpignan

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Stefanie Preuin wins German Youth Photography Award

From the reportage »No wings without roots«. Photo: Stefanie Preuin

For her photo series »No wings without roots« Stefanie Preuin received the 3rd prize of the German Youth Photography Awards 2011. The competition, which had been taking place every second year since 1962, was held out of turn in 2011 due to the women's soccer world championship. The topics were »Dreamteam« und »We are soccer!«.

In her reportage the photography student gives insights into the life of her friend. She tells about the longing for her homeland in East Frisia and about distancing from the parents. 

The exhibition can be seen until July 18th 2011 in the press and information department of the federal government (Presse- und Besucherzentrum, Reichstagufer 14, mo-fr, 9 am to 6 pm, no entrance fee).

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Diploma and bachelor presentations

On July 6th and 7th 2011 twelve photography students will present their final projects. Due to the changes in the degree programme there will be »Bachelor« and »Diploma« graduates. The candidates are looking forward to welcome many visitors in the auditorium of the Design Center. 
The exhibitions are open to the public during the opening hours of the Design Center (7 am to 9 pm) until July 8th.

Photo: Anna Jockisch
Juli 6th 2011 | 12:00 - 12:30 | Anna Jockisch | »Dügün means wedding«
A reportage about the tradition of the Turkish wedding as a reflection of Turkish life in Berlin. A Photofilm, embedded into a webspecial.

Photo: Daniel Nauck
Juli 6th 2011 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Daniel Nauck | »Turkish people don't like dogs«
Searching for clues in the Berlin social housing complex »Zentrum Kreuzberg«.

Photo: Kim Bierbrauer
Juli 6th 2011 | 1 pm - 1:30 pm | Kim Bierbrauer | »Still Moving«
An approach to the boarder between photography and film from the American side, taking a look at the United States of America.

Photo: Lene Münch
Juli 6th 2011 | 2pm - 2:30 pm | Lene Münch | »The machinery«
A photographic essay about the being of the administrative machinery of Germany.

Photo: Joanna Nottebrock
Juli 6th 2011 | 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm | Joanna Nottebrock | »Fivehundred fourtyfour – seven lifes in old age«
A reportage about seven senior citizens, their models of every day life, about the gains and limitations. Not generalising, but looking at the differences of the individual situations of life and the personalities.

Photo: Roger Hagmann
Juli 6th 2011 | 3 pm - 3:30 pm | Roger Hagmann | »From a utopia to a new attitude towards life«
About the questions of where from and where to, how do I lead my life, what does happiness mean for me. A Portrait of the community of Tonndorf castle.

Photo: Shooresh Fezoni
Juli 6th 2011 | 4 pm - 4:30 pm | Shooresh Fezoni | »Los Cerveceros de Quilmes«
»The players come and go, but we are the fans, we stay!«  A mulitmedia reportage about the »Barra Brava« (Hardcore Fans) of the soccer team of Quilmes (Argentina).

Photo: Felix Seufert
Juli 6th 2011 | 4:30 pm - 5 pm | Felix Seuffert | »Facets – Stories from the Diamond Land«
A 20 minute documentary film about the South African mining town of Port Nolloth.

Photo: Sandra Wildeboer
Juli 7th 2011 | 10 am - 10:30 am | Sandra Wildeboer | »in every respect – in every relationship«
A portrait series about queer relationship concepts.

Photo: Mirja Zentgraf
Juli 7th 2011 | 10:30 am - 11 am | Mirja Zentgraf | »Please fan me – An approach to the generation 2.0«
A conceptional portrait series about the search for identity of young women between the virtual and real world.

Photo: Stefan Koch
Juli 7th 2011 | 11 am - 11:30 am | Stefan Koch | »My Quelle«
About the disappearing of a historic company in Germany. A photographic search for clues in empty warehouses, abandoned offices and the faces of former employees.

Photo: Franziska Senkel
Juli 7th 2011 | 11:30 am - 12 am | Franziska Senkel | »Downshifters – in the middle of life«
About having and being outside of social standards. A reportage about the every day life of downshifters.

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Roots in Turkey - at home in Hannover

... is the title of the exhibiton of the 2nd semester photography students, in which they present portraits of people, who live in Hannover and have their roots in Turkey. The project is a cooperation of the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography and the city council of Hannover on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the labour recruitment deals between Germany and Turkey. Many of the people who have been photographed have come to Germany as guest workers in the 1970s and 1980s together with their families, grew up and went to school here.  Today they lead companies in their new home country, work as teachers or politicians. The exhibition shows the public and private daily life of guest workers in Hannover who have become fellow citizens.

In the city hall the mayor of Hannover Stephan Weil (right) and the Turkish consul general in Hannover Tunca Özçuhadar (left) look at works of the photography students together. Photo: Philipp Reiss

The exhibition was opened on Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th from 10 am to 6 pm in the "Neues Rathaus" (Trammplatz 2, Hannover). From June 27th to July 9th it can be seen in the VHS (Theodor-Lessing-Platz 1, Hannover). Every work day between 7 am and 9.30 pm, on Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm (depending on the courses) and on Sundays from 9 am to 1 pm (depending on the courses).

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Mark Grosset's Prize goes to a photography student from Hannover again

With her reportage »Hoard and Clutter - the every day life of a messie family« Fara Phoebe Zetzsche has received the Mark Grosset's Prize. For the fourth time this award goes to a photography student from Hannover. The Mark Grosset's Prize is named after the deceased director of the renowned Frensh photo agency »RAPHO« and is awarded at the photo festival »Promenades Photographiques« in Vendôme, France. The festival is taking place for the seventh time this year, from June 17th to September 18th.

From the reportage »Hoard and Clutter« by Fara Phoebe Zetzsche.

Fara Zetzsche's reportage shows a well renovated Wilhelminian style mansion situated between vineyards and meadows of the river Elbe. The columned doorway is locked. Behind it, the large family who is living there has stacked furniture, cardboard boxes, wrinkled clothes, plastic bags, unopened packages and worn-out toys all the way up to the ceiling. In the bedroom a slim path leads to a television where the children spend their afternoons.

Due to the extraordinary and abnormal circumstances only three of the twelve children still live with their parents. For three of the children the child protective services has taken custody away from the parents, and the children are temporarily living in a children's home. The other children have grown up already and try to cope with their own lives. They only come back home rarely, and they carry on the old patterns of their parents in their own families.

According to estimations of the self-help group »Messies Anonymous« there are up to 1,8 million people affected in Germany. The »Compulsive hoarding syndrome« is  part of an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which leaves people unable to part with things out of a fear of loss or out of existential fear, or the keep things because they are afraid of making a wrong decision.

The work of the photography student is displayed at the photo festival in Vendôme. Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

Fara has already won an honorable mention at the UNICEF photo of the year competition in 2010 with this reportage.

To the reportage »Hoard and Clutter«
To the website of Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

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Two field trips to Hamburg

In the meeting room of Gruner+Jahr Anja Kneller talks about the work of G+J Corporate Editors. Photo: Stefanie Preuin

The degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography organised two field trips to Hamburg this semester. As part of the seminar »The photographer as an entrepreneur« the photography students of the 4th semester visited the publishing house of Gruner+Jahr with Karen Fromm. Besides that Lars Bauernschmitt, Karen Fromm und Christian Bruch offered a field trip to the »Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe« to see the exhibition »Portraits in series« as an addition to the portrait seminars of the 2nd and 4th semester.

Bernd Dinkel explains how the picture editors of GEO work. Photo: Stefanie Preuin

In the meeting room of Gruner+Jahr Bernd Dinkel (GEO), Peter Raffelt (G+J business media), Anja Kneller (G+J Corporate Editors) and Fabian Mohr (ZEIT online) gave the photography students some insights into the work of their picture departments and also explained how they work together with photographers and what one should think of when presenting a portfolio to the picture editors. »Besides the criteria like relevance, novelty, closeness to people, profound topic and narrative as well as photographic quality, it is important for a photographer how to position oneself in the market and how to draw attention to one's work«, explained Bernd Dinkel, »no one should should just wait for a call from GEO«. For comprehensive photo projects that extend over a long period of time, GEO counts on the photographers to start their projects with other funding, and then present the photos to the picture editors and get an assignment from GEO for one or two weeks to complete the story.

The photo historian Ulrich Rüter explains photos of Irving Penn in the exhibiton »Portraits in series«. Foto: Michael Wallmüller

During the second field trip to Hamburg the photo historian Ulrich Rüter gave the photography students a guided tour of the exhibition »Portraits in series – photographs of a century«. The »Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe« shows this exhibition until July 17th 2011. Walking through the history of portrait photography, from daguerreotypes and calotypes from the 1840s, via August Sander's »People of the 20th century« to contemporary series of Roni Horn or Nicholas Nixon, the question arises whether a portrait just shows the surface or whether there can be more hidden in a portrait.

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Merhaba Istanbul

Photo: Thomas Keydel

Every second year the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover organizes a field trip to Istanbul. Europe's largest city with its more than 15 million inhabitants is the only city worldwide which is situated on two continents, as well in the Thrace region in Europe as in Anatolia in Asia. Its diversity and liveliness makes Istanbul a place that you just have to photograph. 

Photo: Jonas Wresch

So this year 50 photography students led by Prof. Rolf Nobel, Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt, Knut Giebel, Isabel Winarsch and Raimund Zakowski started out to capture images of Istanbul for one week.

The field trip was not only about taking photos and the search for images and stories, but also about how to find your way around in another culture and with another language, which makes the work on location more difficult and is a practise for real assignments abroad.

Photo: Martin Neumann

Photo: Fabian Fiechter

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Sebastian Gündel's photos at the Zingst Photofestival

On May 28th 2011 the 4th Environment Photofestival Horizons Zingst started with the motto »Out of love for nature«. Until June 5th vistiors can see the exhibitons surrounding the topic of environment at different exhibition locations.

From the series »Forest as cultivated landscape«. Photos: Sebastian Gündel

Within the festival there is the exhibtion project »Warning! Forest operation!« in the tank hall on the island of Zingst, which approaches the topic of forests in various ways. The centre of this exhibition are the photographs of students from several European countries with a focus on the international year of forests.

Sebasitan Gündel's documentary work »Forest as cultivated landscape« is featured. By walking through and experiencing the »Deister«, the northern most low mountain range of Gemrany, the photography student tries to capture the abstractly grown identity of the forest, without providing the viewer with a judgement.

To the website of the Environment Photofestival Zingst

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First prize and honorable mention at New York Photo Awards

Photo: Lene Münch

The photography student Lene Münch won the first prize in the student category »Photographic Book« at the »New York Photo Awards« with her photo book »Forever loyal«. The photographic essay »Forever loyal« has already been displayed during the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2010 and shows the life of fraternity members in Germany in discreet medium format photographs. Instead of denouncing the practises and methods of the often criticized fraternities, she leaves the interpretation to the viewer.

One of the two honourble mentions in the student category »Photographic Book« was awarded to the photography student Jens Gyarmaty for »Till death do us part«. Jens Gyarmaty tells the story of an old man who after 50 years of married life looks after his wife, who has not been able to get up from bed for seven years.

Photo: Jens Gyarmaty

At the »New York Photo Festivals« photographers from all around the world were decorated with a first prize »New York Photo Award« and two honourable mentions in seven general categories and five student categories. All award winning works were presented in a multimedia exhibition in the Powerhouse Arena during the New York Photo Festival between May 11th and May 15th.

To the website of the New York Photofestival
To the website of Lene Münch
To the website of Jens Gyarmaty

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Photography student succeeds in Cannes

The 52 minute documentary film »Forerunners«, which portrays the life of four persons to tell the story of the development of a black middle class in South Africa after the apartheid, has been awarded the Dikalo Award at the »Festival International du Film Panafricain« in Cannes.

The director of photography responsible for the amazing images filmed with a photo camera, is Felix Seuffert. The film was directed by the Simon Wood from Great Britain. Felix Seuffert, who is currently producing his diploma project in South Africa, has already won the My Town Shortfilm Award of the South African documentary filmmakers association for the image film »Reflections«, which he produced for »The Big Issue«, a newspaper project for homeless people in Cape Town. He also received the German Reporter Prize 2010 for his multimedia reportage »After the War«, produced by »2470media« (a business founded by students and graduates of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover).

To the website of the film
To the trailer of »Forerunners«
To the website of Felix Seuffert

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Michael Hauri and »2470media« win Axel-Springer-Prize

The former photography student Michael Hauri has received the first prize of the Axel-Springer-Prize for young journalists in the internet journalism category for his multimedia reportage »And then I became a muslim«. In his diploma project Michael Hauri filmed and photographed a portrait of four Germans, who converted to Islam. This prize has been awarded for the 20th time and is considered to be the most important award for young reporters in German speaking countries. All together there was a prize money for the winners of the print, television, sound broadcasting and internet categories of 54.000 euro. 

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts was also represented by Felix Seuffert, whose reportage »After the War« has been recognized as »outstanding journalistic work«. Both projects have been produced by the young multimedia production studio »2470media«, which has been founded by former photography students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover in 2009. After winning the German Reporter Award in December 2010 the start-up business can again celebrate the honour of receiving a respected journalist award. »2470media« prevailed against 200 competitors of large publishing companies and broadcasting stations for the Axel-Springer-Prize. The jury, consisting of Rowan Barnett (Bild.de), Lars Abromeit (Geo.de), Franziska Bluhm (RP Online), Dr. Mercedes Bunz (Guardian), Andreas Heck (Heute.de), Prof. Dr. Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer (Studiengang Online-Journalismus, HS Darmstadt), Niklas Schenck (Journalist), Christina Stefanescu (streitbar.org) and Dirk von Gehlen (Jetzt.de), rated Michael Hauri's work as »extraordinary regarding content and technical skills«.

To the website of Michael Hauri
To the website of Felix Seuffert
To the website of 2470media

To the website of the Axel-Springer-Prize 

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Second admission procedure for the winter term 2011/12

Due to the fact that two years of students graduate at the high schools in Lower Saxony this year the universities have created more places for the new first-year students starting in the winter term 2011/12. Therefore the University of Applied Sciences and Arts is holding a second admission procedure for the winter term 2011/12. Deadline for handing in portfolios is May 16th. The entrance examinations will take place in the middle of June.

We look forward to your application and wish you success.

Information about studying at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover
Information about the application

In case of questions about the procedure please consult mappeninfoDM(at)fh-hannover.de

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Stefan Koch won two awards

The photography student Stefan Koch won the first prize of the »shot + printed« competition of the printing company Seltmann in Lüdenscheid in the »still life/product in use« category with his documentary series »Meine Quelle«.

A top-class jury with Prof. Elisabeth Neudörfl of the Folkwang University of Arts Essen, Felix Hoffmann of the Gallery C/O Berlin and Kristian Jarmuschek of the Gallery Jarmuschek + Partner in Berlin chose out of 1581 submitted photos from 13 countries the winners of the three categories. The competition took place for the fifth time. The first prizes in the »people/emotion« and »architekture/landscape« categories went to Sylwana Zybura und Michael Haegele.

Photo: Stefan Koch

The winners were awarded a prize money of 3500 euro each which has to be used for the production of a portfolio. This leads us to the second award: during the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg Stefan Koch's work »Quelle« about the disappearing of the Quelle company won the award for the »best portfolio« of the portfolio viewing for young photographers. The best portfolio was chosen by picture editors of GEO, stern, die Zeit, the gallery owner Robert Morat and other picture editors in one-on-one interviews and group discussions.

From left to right: Stefan Koch, Karen Fromm/photo and press agency GmbH FOCUS,  Stefan Maurel/Blurb Europe, Dr. Henriette Väth-Hinz/Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Kai Schmidt, Verena Berg. Photo: Johannes Arl

The work of Stefan Koch can be seen in the municipal gallery of Lüdenscheid until July 17th. Beginning in July it will be displayed in the »C/O Berlin« gallery. Stefan Koch continues to work on the topic of the Quelle company and will present the results in his diploma.

To the website of the Quelle project

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The 3rd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

It is time to look forward to the Lumix Festival again: The third Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism will take place in the light-flooded rooms and hallways of the Design Center from June 13th to June 17th 2012. The degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography as organiser of the festival and the Japanese camera producer Panasonic as main sponsor of the event agreed on that. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover will again cooperate with the photojournalist association FreeLens for the presentation of this grand exhibition.

Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

After the sensational responses to the premiere in 2008 and the second festival in 2010 the organisers are expecting new records for the numbers of applicants and visitors in 2012. The exhibitions will again be presented in the futuristic pavilions of the world fair. The diversity of journalistic reportage photography in topics and styles will be demonstrated. It will be a showcase for young photojournalism.

Photo: Kris Finn

A top-class jury will award the FreeLens Award with a prize money of 10.000 euro to the best work of the festival. Besides that Panasonic sponsors the Lumix Multimedia Award with a prize money of 5.000 euro for the best multimedia reportage. The age limit for taking part in the exhibition programme and the competitions is 35 years. Works and applications can be handed in between November 1st 2011 and February 28th 2012.

Besides the 60 photo exhibitions and multimedia reportages there will be a supporting programme again. Among others, eight well-known international photographers will be invited to hold lectures. Besides the exhibitions and lectures there will be a notable technique showroom that not only technophile visitors will enjoy.

Photo: Christina Kuhaupt

The opening will take place on Wednesday June 13th 2012. The end of the festival will be as in previous years the following Sunday. The award ceremony for the FreeLens Award and the Lumix Multimedia Award will be held on Saturday June 16th 2012.

To the website of the photo festival

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Exhibition in the businesswomen centre

The photography students Gretje Treiber, Kai Löffelbein and Jakob von Siebenthal present their work in the businesswoman centre in Hannover from February 7th to September 9th 2011. The exhibition will be officially opened April 27th starting at 7 pm.

Photo: Gretje Treiber

In her reportage »doubly homeless« Gretje Treiber tells about the life of a community of German-Russian resettlers in the small German town Lahr. This town in the Black Forest has the highest percentage of resettlers in Germany. Gretje Treiber tries to find out what makes the German-Russian resettlers so foreign and so different for the people born in Germany.

Photo: Kai Löffelbein

The photo reportage of Kai Löffelbein covers the topic of a woman in India who is a outcast of society in her country because she was considered to be a witch. Witch hunting is not a phenomenon oft he past, in the 21th century it is even increasing. The UN refugee agency observes this »international problem« from South Africa to India. Kai Löffelbein give insights into the life oft he »witch«  Birki in February 2010 in Gujarat, India.

Photo: Jakob von Siebenthal

Jakob von Siebenthal accompanies two street musicians from Bulgaria for half a year in his reportage »Hannover Blues«. Krasi and this son Mancho are well-known in the city centre of Hannover. For several years they have been coming Hannover each year for nine month to earn money to support their families in Bulgaria.

Exhibition opening: April 27th 2011, 7 pm
Place: Businesswomen Centre Hannover, Hohe Straße 9 und 11, Hannover
Opening hours: monday to friday, 10 am until 3 pm

To the website of Kai Löffelbein

To the website of Jakob von Siebenthal

To the website of the Businesswomen Centre Hannover

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The 6th issue of GO-Magazine is published

The new GO-Magazine of the Reportage School Günter Dahl in Reutlingen has been presented on Saturday April 2nd during the graduation ceremony in the cultural centre »Franz K.« in Reutlingen. The monothematic reportage magazine is a joint production of the graduates of the Zeitenspiegel Reportage Schule Günter Dahl in Reutlingen and the photography students of the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography in Hannover.

The main theme of this year's magazine is »responsibility«. This is the 6th class of reportage students who produced the GO-Magazine as their final project. For the 3rd time the GO-Magazine is a cooperation of reportage students and photography students. 

Millions of migrant birds are killed each year on the Balkans during by illegal bird hunters. Photo: Henner Rosenkranz, Text: Julius Schophoff 

On year after the earthquake international voluteers help to rebuild Haiti.
Photo: Jonas Wresch, Text: David Weyand

At the European Business School elite students study management and ethics.
Photo: Sebastian Cunitz, Text: David Krenz

One year ago the comedian Jon Gnarr was elected mayor of Reykjavik.
Photo: Stefanie Preuin, Text: Esther Göbel

To the publications section
To the website of the Zeitenspiegel Reportage School

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Photography students from Tomsk visit Hannover

Dean Rolf Hüper, professor Lars Bauernschmitt and students from Tomsk on their way to the city centre of Hannover. Photo: Jörg Volland

A group of photography students of the State University Tomsk (Siberia) visited the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover for ten days. The aim of the visit was to find possibilities for a university partnership and to get to know each other. 

On the occasion of the anniversary exhibition »Explaining man to man – 10 years of photojournalism and documentary photography from Hannover« dean Rolf Hüper and professor Rolf Nobel welcomed the guests in Hannover and led them through the exhibition.

Photography students were the hosts for the seven students from Tomsk and showed them what life is like in Hannover. The students were accompanied by two university professors, one radio journalist and one staff member for international exchanges.

For the Russian students Hannover was the fairy tale city in a wonderland that they explored while photographing for the street photography workshop with professor Lars Bauernschmitt and Rolf Nobel. Every evening after photographing the students met in the Design Center to discuss their photos. A presentation of the photos produced during this time concluded the workshop.

Andreas Trampe (chief picture editor of »stern«) talking to students from Tomsk. Photo: Jörg Volland

A highlight of the project was the field trip to Hamburg to visit the picture editors department of Gruner & Jahr, one of the most important in Germany, and to see the Simon Roberts exhibition »Motherland«. The photographer was present at the exhibition and the students had the opportunity to ask him about his photos.

Simon Roberts leads the students through his exhibition »Motherland«. Photo: Jörg Volland

The days of the photography students from Tomsk usually ended in convivial company to talk about the new impressions and experiences.
The students of the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography will travel to Tomsk in Siberia this fall for a return visit.

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Photography students documented police work

Large police deployment at the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography.
14 police officers of the Hannover police, some of them in uniforms, showed up on September 7th 2010 in the Design Center. Dog handlers and drug squad, officers from the police stations middle and south, as well as officers who investigate in cases of violence in the close environment, came to visit the photography students. What looked at first sight like a large scale operation for a number of different elements of crime, was in fact the first workshop of a joint photography project.

Photo: Ole Krünkelfeld

Between October 2010 and January 2011 twelve photography students documented the work of the police in the capital of Lower Saxony, on suggestion oft the Hannover police department. Around the clock the students documented the operations of horse patrols and dog searches, fire investigators, highway police and other police units in their reportages. The photography students observed the work of the operations center, as well as the police operations during soccer games of Hannover 96.

Photo: Insa Hagemann

Every two weeks the photographers met with their police supervisors and discussed their works with professor Lars Bauernschmitt and chief superintendent Claudia Puglisi. The reportages they produced within those four month are probably the first observation of German police work of that comprehensive scale in the last decades.

Photo: Felix Schmitt

The exhibition opening will take place March 31st 2011 at 4.30 pm in the Hannover police department (Waterloostraße 9) for invited guests. Guided tours of the exhibition will be held April 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 21st and 28th 2011 starting at 4 pm, and afterwards on every Thursday at 4 pm.
Besides the exhibition a catalogue is published in an edition of 1250 copies. The catalogue can be bought at the Hannover police department at the price of six euro. 

The NDR (North German Broadcasting) produced a TV reportage about the project which has already been broadcasted in the programme "Hallo Lower Saxony"

Here you can view the televison broadcast of NDR

Here you can register to visit the exhibition

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Application deadline for the term 2011/12

Deadline for applications for the upcoming term of 2011/2012 is tuesday March 15th 2011. Application portfolios can be handed it at the entrance of the Design Center (Expo Plaza 2) until 9 pm. Applications by mail stamped on March 15th 2011 cannot be accepted anymore. Make sure to add the application form and a curriculum vitae to your portfolio.

Good luck to all applicants!

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Celebrating 10 years of photojournalism and documentary photography

Photos: Joanna Nottebrock

The atrium of the Design Center was already densely filled with guests, students and graduates when Prof. Dr. Rolf Hüper, dean of the faculty of design and media, and photography professor Rolf Nobel opened the exhibition »Explaining man to man – 10 years of photojournalism and documentary photography from Hannover«

Prof. Hüper called the degree programme »photojournalism and documentary photography« a diamond among the subjects of the faculty. He emphasized the value of photography in a world of media, where television and film often only serve for entertainment, and he praised Prof. Rolf Nobel as a team player, who formed the degree programme and gave it a future and a profile.

After presenting the catalogue of the exhibition Prof. Rolf Nobel gave a short summary of the development of the photographic education at German universities in general and explained the motivation and the core profile of the photography programme in Hannover in particular. The practical education is part of that, as well as the necessity to set oneself apart from the masses of colleagues with one’s work. »Young photographers have to produce artistically coherent and if possible eye-catching images, if they want to burn their work into the visual memory of the clients«, Nobel explained. Besides the numerous prizes that photography students have won, the professor also brought out the importance of the cooperation with newspapers and companies and thanked the many people who paved the way, the sponsors and supporters of the degree programme, many of which were present at the exhibition opening as guests.

Finally Prof. Nobel not only announced the 3rd Lumix Festival for young Photojournalism in 2012, but also that there will be classes in English for exchange students. Looking to the future he adds: »And we’re dreaming of our own gallery in the centre of Hannover. By adding photojournalism we want to extend the spectrum of exhibitions of the Sprengel Museum. And we want to increase our contribution to turn Hannover into an important city for photography.«

Walking through the exhibition the visitors could get their own impression of the quality and diversity of the presented works. The rest of the evening was a good chance for the numerous guests, graduates, photography students, lecturers and staff of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts to meet and talk and to buy the catalogue of the exhibition.

Until April 8th 2011 the exhibition will be on display during the opening hours of the Design Center.


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10 years of photojournalism and documentary photography

Starting March 11th the degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography will present an exhibiton to the visitors that will show an anthology of 10 years of teaching at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. Ten years are a long time, about six generations of students. It also took ten years until the education at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover recently got the right label. Until then the degree programme still wore the vague term photography as an name like at many other German universities.

At dawn the stelt fishermen Sunil Nishanti and Anil Madushanka from Sri Lanka sit on their stelts and wait for the swarms of fish. Photographed by Florian Müller for the »mare« magazine.

By now the degree programme has become a success story and flagship programme. Our students win prizes and awards almost every two weeks. Numerous companies, foundations and editorial departments give photographic assignements for books, brochures and stories to students from Hannover. With the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism, which will take place in 2012 for the third time, the degree programme has achieved a sensational success together with the photojournalist association FreeLens. The Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism has already become a must-see among the international photo festivals.

From the reportage »Youth in Germany«. Photo: Anna Jockisch

The exhibition and the book with the title »Explaining man to man«, which has been adapted from a quote of the MoMa curator Edward Steichen, is giving a photographic face to the first 10 years of photojournalism studies in Hannover. The photos are complemented by an introduction written by Prof. Rolf Nobel and articles written by Michel Stoeber, cultural journalist from Hannover, Peter-Matthias Gaede, chief editor of GEO, and Christian Pohlert, chief of the photo editors department of the F.A.Z..

A total of 46 photographers are represented in this book. Their photos show excerpts of 63 series and reportages. They lead us from places just around the corner to the most remote places of this world, like Daniel Pilar’s reportage on New Hanover Island in the Bismarck Archipelago of New Guinea or Eileen Rahn’s diploma on the island of Nauru in the South Pacific.

Eileen Rahn’s diploma tells about the life on the smallest and formerly richest island nation of the world in the South Pacific.

The book contains 288 pages and shows in its photos the amazing power, radiance and impact, that photojournalism has not lost in the around one hundred years of its history. The range of topics and formal solutions is large. Some are technically precise almost dissecting, like Stefan Kröger’s diploma »Hanover, New Hampshire«, others are staggeringly comical like Julia Zimmermann’s photo of the Oktoberfest, where two visitors kiss, one vomits and another pisses on the grass. There are neither drama, nor bizarreness, beauty, ritual, poetry  or humour that the photography students won’t find an equivalent for. At the same time the students have used all the formal possibilities, that the credo of photojournalism to put the content above the form, allows.

The photos from New Hanover Island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea by David Pilar were a part of the book project »fernanderswo - Hannover on four continents«.

Place: Design-Center, Expo Plaza 2, Hannover
Opening hours: March 11th 2011 to April 8th 2011, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm
Exhibition opening and book presentation: March 10th 2011 at 5 pm
Entrance fee: free

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Photo exhibition »Orphans of Medicine«

The opening event of the touring exhibition »Orphans of Medicine – life with a rare disease« of the photography students Verena Müller and Maria Irl and the photographer Kathrin Harms from Berlin will take place on February 28th at 7.30 pm in the Café Einstein in Berlin.

Little Josi is affected by the Williams-Beuren-Syndrome. Photo: Verena Müller

There are about four million people with rare diseases in Germany. However as there are only few individuals suffering from each rare disease the topic does not get much attention and  a lot of research still needs to be done.

The reportages about the lives of families affected by rare diseases show the hurdles and boundaries, but also the courage to face life, the power and the cheerfulness of these people. The photographers have accompanied the affected children and their parents for a long time with a lot of patience and empathy.

This event of ACHSE (Alliance chronical rare diseases) and of the Care-for-Rare foundation is the opening of a touring exhibition with an accompanying lecture programme and takes place within the science year of health research. The exhibition will be open from February 28th to March 14th from 7 am to 10 pm each day.

Place: Gallery in the Café Einstein,Unter den Linden 42, Berlin
Opening: February 28th 7.30 pm
Opening hours:
February 28th until March 14th, 7 am to 10 pm, every day


To the portfolio of Maria Irl
To the website of Maria Irl
To a 2470media produktion of Verena Müller
To the website of the Care-for-Rare foundation

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Photography students receive »Canon ProfiFoto Sponsoring Award«

The photography student Hannes Jung and graduate Sabine Spengler have both received one of the five coveted »Canon ProfiFoto Sponsoring Awards«.

From the winning work of Hannes Jung »Cheers, friends! Our harbour club.« 

All together 171 young photographers have applied for the latest »Canon ProfiFoto Sponsoring Award«. The award is for concepts and ongoing photographic projects, not for completed works.  

From Sabine Spengler’s diploma about Mexico City.

The jury consists of ProfiFoto chief editor Thomas Gerwers, Julia Ossko (Blurb), Guido Krebs (Canon), Peter Bitzer (laif), Christoph Bamberg (WhiteWall/Lumas) and the photographer Thomas Kellner. »It is a lot of fun to see great photos and get to know interesting concepts« says the initator of the worldwide »Photographers Network«. The winners receive 2000 € worth of Canon equipment.

To the portfolio of Hannes Jung
To the website of Hannes Jung
To the gallery of the »Canon ProfiFoto Sponsoring Award«

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Second professor appointed

In January 2011 Lars Bauernschmitt was appointed professor for the degree progamme of photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.

Lars Bauernschmitt, born in Hamburg in 1963, studied communication design at the Essen Comprehensive University (former Folkwang School), where he graduated with a designer degree. He held the position of managing director of the photographic agency »VISUM« for 15 years and has been the director of photography of the agency »imagetrust« since 2008. After several teaching assignments for photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hamburg in 1996 and 1997 and at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover from 2004 to 2008, he was temporarily responsible for the professor position, that he has now been appointed for.

Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt talking to students during a seminar about single images for the editorial use in magazines. Photo: Mario Wezel

Lars Bauernschmitt has been an appointed member of the DGPh (German Society for Photography) since 1997 and has been a member of the board of the BVPA (Federal Association of press photography agencies and picture libraries) from 2001 to 2010. Since 2003 he was chairman of the board of the BVPA. As an author he regulary publishes articles on photojournalism and on the current developments of the picture market.


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Interview with Prof. Rolf Nobel in Photonews

In the current febuary issue of the magazine »PHOTONEWS« the editor Anna Gripp interviews Rolf Nobel, photography professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, about the new degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography. The topics of the interview are the problems in photojournalism and questions about the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. The photography professor explains in detail his teaching philosophy and the contents of the degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.
The current issue of »PHOTONEWS« has come out on January 27th 2011 and can be bought at newspaper stands.

Zur Webseite von »PHOTONEWS«
Informationen über das Studium an der FHH
Wie bewerbe ich mich?

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Exhibition opening in Suhl

Katharina K. pushes her friend up a mountain pass in the Thuringian Forest because his less motorised Schwalbe moped can't make it on its own. Photo: Patrice Kunte

The CCS Gallery in Suhl/Thuringia is presenting the Simson reportage of Patrice Kunte titeled »Simson - more than a moped«. The exhibition will be opened on January 27th at 7 pm and is on display until March 13th 2011.

In his Simson reportage Patrice Kunte describes the cult about the East German moped. He travelled through Germany for half a year to find people and stories about the two-wheeler. In 2008 he received the VGH photography award for this work. Now the photos can be seen in the home town of the Schwalbe and other mopeds. 

Place: CCS-Gallery, Fr.-König-Str. 7, 98527 Suhl
Time: January 27th 2011 to March 13th 2011
Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily
Entrance fee: free
Exhibition opening: January 27th 2011 at 7 pm

To the website of Patrice Kunte

To the portfolio of Patrice Kunte

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