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Accredited degree programme Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Photo: Insa Hagemann

It is official now: The photography department is no longer just a branch of study in the degree programme of communication design, now it has a new status and a new name. The accreditation agency ACQUIN announced the decision to establish the degree programme »Photojournalism and Documentary Photography«. 

This makes the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover the only German university using the internationally used term »Photojournalism and Documentary Photography« to describe the core profile of its photographic education programme. Finally the label and the content match and the not very unique term »photography« for the major focus of this education is history now.

We can also finally say good bye to the former application procedure. After handing in the portfolio and passing the entrance exam all applicants from multimedia, grafic design and photography ended up on the same list. The places were given according to the results of the entrance exam, with no regard to the branch of study or the teaching capacity of the department. Luckily this chaotic procedure ist over now. The new degree programme »Photojournalism and Documentary Photografie« has its own application procedure now. If an applicant, who successfully passed the entrance exam, does not take the placement, the next successful applicant on the list gets it.

Professor Lars Bauernschmitt is analysing photos with students in the Design Center. 
Photo: Andy Spyra 

In connection with expanding to three or maybe even four professors and establishing the Lumix Festival for young photojournalism as a project of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover together with the photojournalist association FreeLens, the new degree programme »Photojournalism and Documentary Photography« makes the University of Applied Sciences and Arts  Hannover one of the leading international schools in this field. 

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Honourable mention at UNICEF-photo of the year 2010

From the reportage »Hoard and Clutter« by Fara Phoebe Zetzsche. 

Fara Phoebe Zetzsche received an honourable mention in the »Unicef-Photo of the year 2010« competition for her photo reportage »Hoard and Clutter«. She accompanied a family, who suffers from compulsive hoarding, for more than a year. Compulsive hoarding is an obsessive-compulsive disorder which leaves the patients unable to part with things out of a fear of loss or existential fear or out of the fear of making a wrong desicion. Fara Phoebe Zetzsche's photos give an impression of the every day life of this family.

The first prize was awarded to the photographer Ed Kashi for his photo reportage »Vietnam: The legacy of war« which deals with the consequences of the Vietnam war which ended 35 years ago. In the war against the guerilla the USA had used the herbicide agent orange, which lead to cancer, immune deficiency and severe deformities. 
During the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2010 Ed Kashi had been in Hannover as one of the lecturers. 


From the winning reportage of Ed Kashi.

113 photographers from 33 countries worldwide have submitted 1263 photos to the competition this year. The jury chaired by Professor Klaus Honnef awarded three prizes and seven honourable mentions.  Each year since the year 2000 Unicef  honours photos and photo reportages, that document the living conditions and the personality of children in an extraordinary way. Unicef-patron Bettina Wulff handed out the awards in Berlin.

To the portfolio of Fara Phoebe Zetzsche
Zur Webseite vom To the website of the UNICEF-photo of the year
To the website of Ed Kashi

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Workshop with Anders Petersen in Berlin

The Swedish photographer Anders Petersen has held a workshop with 15 photography students for one week. On December 2nd Petersen also gave a lecture in the auditorium of the Design Center in Hannover to tell students and visitors about his photography. The aim of the workshop was to deal intensively with the work of each participant and to advance their unique photographic style. Besides that the programme included portfolio viewings, presentations of photographers and short day tasks.

Interesting critique – Anders Petersen during a portfolio viewing. Photos: Patrice Kunte

Anders Petersen told stories of his his life, of his work, of his experiences and of tricks how he approaches other people, and he described which photographers have inspired him ever since and whose works he had been studying.  To translate topics into images like »be like an animal«, »desire«, »what I'm afraid of« and »what I prefer to take photographs of« Petersen spured on the students every evening with statements like »Be horrible!« and »Forget everything you have learned. Switch off your thoughts and photograph!«. The discussion was not about the story or the strong single image, it was about expressing oneself and one's own feelings, about posing questions with pictures and not about answering questions.


Anders Petersen tells about his life and reveals some of his approaches and tricks.

By the end of the week the participating photography students were thrilled by the workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Inspired, refreshed and with new points of view, they approach their own projects. Anders Petersen stays in their heads: »Be horrible!«.

The students participating in this workshop had worked on an assignment for »Österreich-Werbung Deutschland« (an advertising campaign for Austria in Germany; as reported on fotostudenten.de), photographing hiking destinations in Austria in the summer of 2009. With part of the fee from this assignment they financed this workshop in Berlin and the lecture of the Swedish photographer in Hannover.

To the website of Anders Petersen

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Felix Seuffert wins German Reporter Prize in web reportage category

Photo: Felix Seuffert

Photography student Felix Seuffert and the multimedia production studio »2470media« have won the German Reporter Prize for their multimedia reportage »After the War«. In this reportage Felix Seuffert tells a story which is influenced by the civil war in Congo about the soccer player Carole, who plays in an amature league in South Africa. The statement of the jury says that the author uses the entire range of tools of a web repotage, without using a premade script or an all-knowing voice-over. The jury honoured him for his courage to leave the story with an open end. The piece is part of the multimedia series »Soccer for Life«, which tells about the life of ordinary people beyond the commercial soccer clichées in the host country South Africa. The project was supported by the German Soccer Accociation (DFB) and the reportages were published on »2470media«'s website and on »taz.de« and on »11freunde.de«.

The multimedia production studio »2470media«was initiated by the photography students Jockisch, Shooresh Fezoni, Michael Hauri und Daniel Nauck in 2009 (as reported on »fotostudenten.de«). By now the team consists of several photographers, one reporter, one cutter, one grafic designer, one motion designer and one musician. »2470media« works for editors as well as for companies, that are socially, culturally or environmentally involved. The German Reporter Prize is awarded by the reporter forum in eight categories each year and has already become in its short history of two years the most important awards for journalists in Germany. The award ceremany took place on December 6th in the „Umspann-Werk“ in Berlin. With Michael Hauri's reportage »And then I became a muslim« another production by »2470media« and with Lucas Wahl's reportage »On the waste dump« another photography students work were among the nominatees in the web reportage category.  

To the website of 2470media
To the website of Felix Seuffert 
To the website of the Reporter-Forum

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2nd prize for Felix Schmitt in the Martin-Lagois-Photography-Competition

Photography student Felix Schmitt received the second prize in the »Martin-Langois-Photography-Competition« (1.000 Euro) for his reportage about the Protestant pastor  Frank Wessels in the small East Frisian parish Suurhusen. This reportage was a part of the project »Schein & Sein - Gemeinden in Ostfriesland« (appearance and reality - communities in East Frisia).

The first prize was awarded to the photographer Toby Binder from Munich for his work on a school of a community of nuns in Sierra Leone. Jan-Christoph Hartung received the sponsership award for his reportage on illegal immigrants in the Spanish town of Melilla.

After the award ceremony there will be an exhibition with the photos of the award winners in the academy of Nuremberg from December 9th 2010 to January 9th 2011. The biennial competition is organized by the Protestant Press Association of Bavaria (EPV).

From the reportage »The village pastor«. Photo: Felix Schmitt

Time: December 9th 2010 to January 9th 2011
Place: Nürnberger Akademie in the former trade museum (Gewerbemuseumsplatz 2, Nürnberg) 

To the website of Felix Schmitt

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Anders Petersen visits Hannover

A master of photography can be seen and heard in the Design Center of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover on December 2nd. The photographer Anders Peterson, who was born in Sweden in 1944, had become known worldwide for his book »Café Lehmnitz. He had followed and photographed the ups and downs of the people on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg for three years.

Anders Petersen visited Germany to learn the language at age 18. He tried his luck with painting and writing in Hamburg, with little success.

Back in Sweden five years later he got to know the famous photographer Christer Strömholm and became not only his student but also a close friend. Strömholm became a companion and an influence throughout Petersen's career.

In 1967 Petersen began to photograph in the Café Lehmnitz in Hamburg and produced more than 350 photographs, which he nailed on the walls of that coffee shop as his first exhibition. Later these photos were published in a book titled »Café Lehmnitz«, which made him well known not only in Sweden, but internationally. By now the book counts as a classic of milieu photography.

Photo: Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen has photographed in nursery homes, maximum security prisons and mental asylums. His photographs show the life of the people who live on the margins of society.

The author of more than 20 books has been recognized for his work several times and had been appointed photographer of the year in Arles in 2003. Anders Petersen lives and works in Stockholm, gives lectures worldwied and teaches photography at the University of Göteborg in Sweden.

Time: December 2nd 2010, 7 pm
Place: Auditorium of the Design Center, Expo Plaza 2, Hannover
Entrance fee: 3 Euro

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Study trip to the picture editors of »stern«

Guido Schmidtke and Andreas Trampe present the work of the picture editors of »stern«. Photo: Nick Neufeld

24 photography students and Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt  visited the picture editors of »stern« in Hamburg as a part of the course on photography in newspapers and magazines.

In the conference room of the Gruner+Jahr building Andreas Trampe and Guido Schmidtke gave the students insights in how a picture editor works. They explained the workflow from the ftp-upload, where about 15.000 photos are entered every day by agencies and freelance photographers, to the image database of  »stern« up to the lead pictures and to the choice of the big stories. »stern« uses about 60% photos of agencies and 40% photos of their own productions. Each year there are about 20 stories suggested by photographers, that make it into the magazine. In the future small films, interviews and slideshows can become a part of an assignment in the future and will be published in the e-magazine of »stern«. To have a look at the new e-magazine two i-pads with the first issue of the »stern« e-magazine were passed around.

The photography students listened extra carefully when Guido Schmidtke and Andreas Trampe gave answers on how a successfull portfolio could look like and how to present once own work to a picture editor. The chances for a newcomer to get an assignement are better if the portfolio makes a lasting impression with a focus on a certain topic. A picture editor is also more convinced of someone who can turn an every day topic from around the corner into an exciting series of photos, than of a person who takes photos abroad that only impress by their exotic subject. Being able to get appealing portraits out of a very short appointment is a core professional skill and is part of day-to-day business.

Photography students are visiting the picture editors of »stern«. Photo: Nick Neufeld

The »stern« by ist self-concept highly appreciates excellent photography and is interested in a good cooperation with photographers. »It is important to us to get to know our photographers«, Andreas Trampe summed up at the end of the meeting, »you are the photographers that we are going to work with tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. With some of you more with others less, or with some maybe not at all.«

To the website of »stern«
To the picture desk of »stern«

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Recognition at the European Newspaper Award

The Weser-Kurier, a newspaper from Bremen, won two awards in the category »sectional front pages weekly newspapers« of the 12th European Newspaper Award for four front pages of the »Kurier am Sonntag«. The photography students Florian Müller and Christina Kuhaupt, who photographed the pictures on the award winning front pages during their interships with the Weser-Kurier, significantly contributed to this success.

Sectional front page of the Weser-Kurier Mai 21st 2010. Photo: Florian Müller

The European Newspaper Award, initated by newspaper designer Norbert Küpper in cooperation with German, Austrian and Swiss journalist magazines, aims to promote discussion and development in concept and design of newspapers. Besides the four main for local, regional,  nationwide and weekly newspapers there are awards in 21 categories. The four titles »European Newspaper of the Year« went to newspapers in Portugal (Diário de Notícias da Madeira), Norway (Bergens Tidende), Denmark (Politiken) and Scottland (Sunday Herald).

The Neue Presse Hannover also won an award in the category front pages regional newspapers and two awards for concept/innovation for the series Team 2010 and Life in Hannover.

Sectional front page of the Weser-Kurier April 4th 2010.
 Photo: Christina Kuhaupt


To the website of the European Newspaper Award

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HAZ christmas charity

The department of photojournalism and documentary photography supports this year's christmas charity of the newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) by issueing a photography edition of 14 motifs. The fine art prints on best quality paper by Hahnemühle (DIN A3 format) printed with durable pigment inks are only available during this christmas charity until the middle of December. The 14 photographs were taken by students, graduates and Prof. Rolf Nobel. You can buy them at the fabulous price of 49 Euro each. The collection represents various styles and picture languages. From a reserved documentary view of the world to the search for the magic moment, that captivates the viewer. Your donations can releave human suffering: The HAZ christmas charity has helped in more than 50000 cases since 1975. In some years the christmas charity collected up to one million euro. The donations are distributed to people in need by the coordination office of the social department of the city of Hannover.

Order photos online

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»Land ahoy« – theatre in prison

Premiere of the play »Nacht Einschluss« in the prison in Zeithain. Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

The first theatre festival »Land ahoy« is taking place in Saxony from November 17th to November 20th 2010. The productions, which have been developed with prisoners of several prisons in Dresden and the surrounding area, will be presented to the public during the festival days in these prisons.

Photography student Fara Phoebe Zetzsche documented the rehearsals in the different prisons up to the premiere. The resulting photography exhibition »Behind the curtain« will be opend on November 17th at 6.30 pm in the »Kleines Haus« in Dresden.

Place: Kleines Haus Dresden, Glacisstraße 28, 01099 Dresden 
Opening: November 17th 2010, 6.30 pm

To the website of »Land ahoy«
To the portfolio of Fara Phoebe Zetzsche


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Photography students on the road in the Wendland region

The most expensive nuclear waste transport so far in German history took 92 hours to reach Gorleben. During those five days the 20 000 police men and women in this large scale operation were taken to their limits by the anti-nuclear movement. More than 30 000 protesters from all over Germany came to the Wendland to set a sign on saturday November 6th 2010 for the largest manifestation. Thousands of protesters and activists stayed in the region to prolong the transport by blocking roads and rails. More than a dozen of photography students joined the protest and documented the event. They were among the protesters, and they were close to the action, also when the first activists started playing cat and mouse with the police, running for kilometres in the twiglight. They felt the cold of the night and the tense atmosphere between the police and the protesters, but also the solidarity among locals and protesters.

©Fotostudenten.de 2010

The wish to disrupt the nuclear waste transport so much, that it would return, did not work out, but the activists were satisfied in the end about the large wave of the protest movement. It rests uncertain, whether there will be any change in the question of Gorleben as an interim or final storage site for nuclear waste, or in the prolonged operation of the nuclear power plants. What is certain already, is that the next nuclear waste transport to Gorleben will take place in 2011. Photography students will be there again, in the blockades and behind their cameras.

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Heinrich Riebesehl is dead

Heinrich Riebesehl died on October 31st 2010. The photographer, who was born in Lathen/Ems in 1938, taught as a professor of photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover from 1984 to 1997. After studying photography at the Folkwang school in Essen with Otto Steinert, Riebesehl worked as photojournalist for the newspapers in Hannover in the 1960s. Together with some photographer friends he founded the first photogallery in Europe aiming to establish photography as an artform: the Spectrum-Photogallery. In the beginning of the 1990s this gallery was integrated into the Sprengel Museum.

From »Agricultural Landscapes«, Ronnenberg (Hannover), November 1978. Photo: Heinrich Riebesehl

Heinrich Riebesehl shaped the artistic photography significantly and contributed to the renewal of documentary photography. He earned international recognition for his work »Situations and Objects« in 1978, which was the first monograph published by a living photographer. With his following works »Agricultural Landscapes« (1979) and »Railway Landscapes« (1997) Riebesehl developed a new documentary style, which is described as unemotional and laconic. For his work he was awarded the Sprengel Award for visual arts and the Lower Saxony Prize amonst other. 

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Exhibition opening and catalogue presentation

The exhibiton opening of the VGH Photography Award 2010 will take place on Thursday November 11th 2010 in the »VGH gallery« in Hannover starting at 6 pm. Jan Lieske's reportage »We are suffering here – dead end Rosarno« will be presented. The photography student convinced this year's members of the jury with his compelling social reportage about the African migrant workers on the edge of the Italian town Rosarno.

From the winning reportage »We are suffering here – dead end Rosarno«. Photo: Jan Lieske

Place: VGH gallery, Schiffgraben 4, 30159 Hannover

Time: November 12th 2010 to January 31st 2011
Opening hours: daily 11 am to 5 pm
Entrance fee: free

Exhibiton opening: November 11th 2010 at 6 pm


First prize in the competition »Architecture along the Red Thread«. Photo: Kristina Jurotschkin

Almost at the same time starts an event of the Association of German Architects (BDA) with a lecture of the architect Prof. Franco Stella in the Sprengel Museum. Following the lecture the catalogue of the exhibition »Architecture along the Red Thread - Hannover 2010« will be presented. The twenty pieces of work are the result of a competition, that the BDA district group Hannover initiated for the students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover in spring 2010.

Place: Sprengel Museum Hannover, Kurt-Schwitters-Platz 1, 30169 Hannover

Time: November 11th 2010 starting 7 pm

Entrance fee: free

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Radio LeineHertz reports on photojournalism at the FHH

The second Tuesday of every month the local radio station LeineHertz 106ahalf broadcasts the »Campus News«, a radio programme for and about universities. On Tuesday November 9th »Campus News« reports on the 10 year sucess story of the photojournalism programme at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. The broadcast includes interviews with Prof. Rolf Nobel, Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt and photography student Joanna Nottebrock. Prof. Rolf Nobel speaks about the development of the photojournalism programme, the Lumix Festival, international cooperations and future projects. Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt talks about the well-known international photofestival »Visa pour l'Image« in Perpignan and the exhibition »Perpignan – 12 facets of Hannover's twin city«. Joanna Nottebrock, who already gave an interview on »Campus News« about her reportage »Family on Board – Living and Working on a River Boat«, tells about her reportage »Mother by calling« about the abbess Christel Lehmann, with which she won the Digital Reportage Award 2010.

The broadcast is in German and will be on air November 9th between 7 pm and 8 pm on UKW 106,5 and on 102,15 MHz.

To the website of radio LeineHertz 


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Photography students work for the mare magazine again

For the third time in a row photography students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover photographed all the reportages of the special issue »Culinary Art III« of the mare magazine.

Johannes King, a star chef from Sylt, created all six maritime recipes in this issue, that are accompanied by the visually stunning reportages of the photography students. With an edition of 30 000 this issue is one of the most successful formats of the editors of mare. The issue is now available at all well assorted newsagents.

For these six reportages the young photographers from Hannover have been on the road in a wide range of places around the world for the mare magazine.

Kiên Hoàng Lê portrayed the star chef Johannes King on the island of Sylt. He followed the chef, who is originally from the black forest, on his search for the best products: the freshest fish from King's fishing boat, saltwort collected from the tideland and oysters directly from Sylt's oyster beds. All these ingredients found their way into the recipes of the current issue »Culinary Art III«.

Julia Zimmermann followed the tracks of the pilgrims again. Like in her diploma »Stand up and walk!« she delt with the Way of St. James, which ends in Santiago de Compostela. For mare she photographed the »Camino a Fisterra«, between Santiago de Compostela and the Cape Finisterre.


The assignment took Florian Müller all the way to the south of Sri Lanka to fathom the tradition of the stilt fishermen. Through the rise of mass tourism in the eighties the prey and the way of working changed greatly. Only few men still sit on their stilts seemingly motionless in the twilight to fish in the way they were taught by their fathers. While yesterday's fishermen caught small schooling fish, the adapted fishermen of today mostly fish for tourists.  

Sophia Mahnert travelled to Valencia in Spain for her story. The city is deemed the origin of the paella. She focused on the question how the fish became a part of the national rice dish. Traditionally paella is prepared without fish.

Where does tabasco actually come from? Jakob von Siebenthal followed the traces of the pepper sauce to Louisiana. Each bottle of tabasco comes from the tabasco factory on »Avery Island«. For 140 years the pepper sauce has been produced there, and by now it has reached the most remote corners of this world. Tabasco is exported to 168 countries, whereas Mc Donalds is only present in 125 countries.

Fara Phoebe Zetzsche travelled to the Portuguese Douro valley, the origin of port wine. She photographed the different aspects of the portuguese dessert wine, from the production, followed by traditons and customs, to the touristic importance of the wine for this region.

The work of the young photography students is quite impressive and can stand comparison with professional photographers. »Their amazing reportages show a lot about their commitment and their talent«, said the chief editor of mare Niko Gelpke about the work of the photography students.

Click here to learn more about the magazine and to order it


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Searching for the traces of traditional costumes in Lower Saxony

Photo: Henner Rosenkranz

Do people still wear traditional costumes today? To answer this question the photography students searched for clues in the rural areas of Lower Saxony. The results are shown during the 4th European month of photography in the exhibition »Nach Neuem Trachten« (»New Look, New Costumes«) from November 2nd to November 14th 2010 in the representation of the state of Lower Saxony at the federal government in Berlin. The opening will be held on November 3rd starting at 7 pm.

The exhibition project led by Knut Giebel takes historic photographs by Wolf Lücking as a starting point for a new photographic interpretation of traditional costumes. Lücking's photos from the 1950s show the traditional costumes of the Schaumburger Land in the context of daily life.

More than 50 years later the photography students search for clues with their cameras: Do people still wear traditional costumes today or are there new dress codes, that reflect regional identity?

Photo: Barbora Prekopova

Place: Representation of the state of Lower Saxony at the federal government in Berlin, address: In den Ministergärten 10
Time: November 2nd to November 14th 2010
Opening hours: Mo.-Fr. 10 am to 6 pm, Sa./Su. 11 am to 7 pm
Admission fee: free

To the website of the 4th European Month of Photography Berlin 2010

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Moving pictures of a moving festival

A short film about the Lumix Festival for young Photojournalism 2010 shows impressions of the events during the five festival days. The clip was produced by photography students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. It brings back memories and makes you look forward to the 3rd Lumix Festival for young Photojournalism, which will take place in June 2012.

A film by: Henning Bode, Khalid Aziz, Natalie Becker

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Jan Lieske wins the VGH photography award

From the winning reportage »We are suffering here - dead end Rosarno«. Photo: Jan Lieske

What happened in the small town of Rosarno in Calabria (Italy) made it into the world news: 2.000 African migrant workers had to be evacuated to other parts of Italy after racist attacks. Now the touching reportage »We are suffering here - dead end Rosarno« of photography student Jan Lieske won the photography award of the VGH insurance with a price money of 10.000 euro. He describes the poor living conditions of the Africans in the outskirts of Rosarno, where many of them have returned to, because they saw no other alternative. They live in run-down dwellings with no electricity, no drinking water, let alone health care. Every morning they stand on the sides of the arterial roads hoping for a job as a day labourer on the plantations for citrus fruits.

A top-class jury with the picture editors of renowned newspapers and magazines, like Ruth Eichhorn (Geo), Andreas Trampe (stern), Barbara Stauss (mare), Christian Pohlert (F.A.Z.), Michael Thomas (HAZ), and professor Rolf Nobel of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts looked through 46 picture series, essays and reportages, that the students had handed in. The leading picture editors were once again amazed by the high quality of the submitted works. »If I could I would give out more than one prize«, said Barbara Stauss of the mare magazine. »There are a number of works here, that are worth a prize.«

From left to right: Prof. Rolf Nobel, Michael Thomas (HAZ), Ruth Eichhorn (Geo), Christian Pohlert (F.A.Z.), Barbara Stauss (mare) and Andreas Trampe (stern). Photo: Patrice Kunte  
The jury agreed on their rating of Jan Lieske's extraordinary work. 
»This reportage is phantastically photographed«, said Rolf Nobel to sum up the opinions of all jury members. »The story is told well, there are a varity of different image solutions and above all it is very close to the people. The viewer gets the feeling of taking part in the fate of the African migrant workers and their unworthy living conditions.«

This is not only the opinion of the jury of the 2010 VGH photography award. 34-year-old Jan Lieske, who worked as a painter before his photography studies, has already received international recognition for his reportage this year. He won the »Prix Mark Grosset« and the »Daylight CDS Photo Award« and was presented in the exhibition of the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism as one of the 60 best works of young photojournalists worldwide. Jan Lieske studies photography in the 7th semester at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. Soon he will begin an internship at a newspaper in Moscow. 

From the winning reportage »We are suffering here - dead end Rosarno«. Photo: Jan Lieske

Since 2008 only photojournalism students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts are invited to enter submissions to the VGH photography award. The VGH insurance sponsors a talent forge, which by now belongs to the leading schools worldwide. Besides the prize money of 10.000 euro Jan Lieske receives an exhibition in the »VGH gallery«, which will be opened with the award ceremony on November 11th.

To the website of Jan Lieske
To the website of the »VGH gallery«

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Insa Hagemann wins sports photography competition

From the series »Bella Germania«. Photo: Insa Hagemann

Insa Hagemann received the first price in the sports photography competition of the Peter-Christian-Schlüschen foundation. The award ceremony was held as a part of the exhibition program in the galleries of the Berliner Liste 2010. She received a price money of 5000 Euro for her photo of the Italian campground Union Lido from her series »Bella Germania«.

The Peter-Christian-Schlüschen foundation has been established in memory of the sports photographer Peter-Christian-Schlüschen who died at the age of 24. The aim of the foundation is to support sports photographers up to the age of 30 with an annual competition and an exhibition for all finalists in the galleries of the Berliner Liste. Insa Hagemann is the first woman in the history of this competition to win the first price. 

To the website of Insa Hagemann
To the website of the PCS foundation

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FotoDoks: Lene Münch, Corinna Sauer and Andreas Müller were chosen

From »Forever loyal - A bond for life« Photo: Lene Münch

After its successful start as a part of the documentary film festival »NonFiktionale« in Bad Aibling in 2008, FotoDoks is now a festival for documantary photography in Munich on its own.

The jury chose 12 works out of the 130 applications on the topic of »Inner worlds« that will be displayed in the cultural centre »Puerto Giesing« in Munich from October 14th to October 17th. Among the presented works are »Forever loyal– A bond for life« by Lene Münch about the life of fraternities in Germany, and »Consensual« by Corinna Sauer, which deals with the S&M scene, as well as Andreas Müller's diploma »Born 01.01. ...« on the waiting and hoping of unaccompanied underage refugees.

From »Born 01.01. ...« Photo: Andreas Müller

The guest of honour of this festival is Anders Petersen. The renowned photographer, who is the author of »Café Lehmitz«, will be giving a lecture on October 15th about his work, his approach and his visions. On October 16th the the jury will announce the best work of the festival. Besides that there will be a panel discussion on October 16th with the photographer Maurice Weiss and the designer and art director Mirko Borsche on the state of author photography and the opportunities and limits of German reportage photography.

From »Consensual« Photo: Corinna Sauer

To the website of Lene Münch
To the website of Andreas Müller
To the website of FotoDoks

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Perpignan – 12 facets of Hannover's twin town

Photo: Insa Hagemann

12 photography students and professor Lars Bauernschmitt visited Perpignan in southern France in the middle of July 2010. For one week the prospective photojournalists took photographs in Hannover's twin town and its surroundings. The result are 12 completely different photographic works, that show the life, the attitude towards life and the atmosphere of this town on the Mediterranean coast in different picture languages. Each photographer chose his or her own topic and visualised it in a very personal way. The spectrum ranges from the city portrait as photo essay, and the portrait series of local artists to the reportages on oystercatchers and star chefs. Expected as well as surprising insights seen by interested friends.

Photo: Julius Schrank

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Joanna Nottebrock wins Digital Reportage Award 2010

Joanna Nottebrock wins the »Digital Reportage Award 2010« of »Welt Online« and »Lumix« with her reportage »Mother by calling«. In the finale of this competition the photography student prevailed against ten other competitors and receives a Lumix G2 and a trip to Tuscany with a subsequent photography workshop.

From the reportage »Mother by calling«. Photos: Joanna Nottebrock

The reportage »Mother by calling« tells the story of the abbess Christel Lehmann of the convent in Marienwerder. Her husband had died in a traffic accident, her children have their own families for a long time now, so Christel Lehmann decided to live in a convent. She cares for other people all day long - for the employees and the visitors of the convent and especially for the residents of the nursing home. The devotion and altruism of Christel Lehmann fascinated Joanna Nottebrock and moved her to photograph this story.

All together there were five photography students among the eleven finalists. Besides Joanna Nottebrock, Marcus Reichmann, Timur Yüksel, Maria Irl and Jakob von Siebenthal entered reportages in the finale of this award. In 2009 Lucas Wahl won the Digital Reportage Award with his reportage »A day in the life of Saltu Mukhinya«.

To the portfolio of Joanna Nottebrock
To the website of Joanna Nottebrock
To the website of the Digital Reportage Award

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Impressive imagery

Montage: Joanna Nottebrock

Students of the photography department and the grafic design department are presenting their works of the composing seminar in an exhibition in the design center. In each of their works they interpret one of the ancient seven wonders of the world with a very personal view. The idea is to do a digital montage of several pictures that results in a convincing composition. The pictures of the wonders of the world open up a colossal space for the viewer and enlighten new horizons. The diversity of the compositions ranges from photorealistic images to trashy presentations.

Montage: Patrice Kunte

Place: Galleries westside / main entrance 3rd/4th floor of the Design Center, faculty III, department of design and media, Expo Plaza 2, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover 
Time: October 4th to October 18th 2010, each day from 07:30 am to 9:00 pm
Entrance: free

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Photography students are represented at the »photokina« again

Dr.-Erich-Salomon-Price-Winner Michael von Graffenrid talks with V.-Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt about the work of the students. Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover is represented at the  »photokina« again this year with an exhibition stand. From September 21st to 26th 2010 the following works of photography students on the topic of »no frontiers - discovering frontiers, experiencing frontiers, crossing frontiers« will be on display in the 1st hall:

Memento mori. Remember that you will die – Insa Hagemann / Joanna Nottebrock
Hoard and Clutter – The every day life of a compulsive hoarding family - Fara Phoebe Zetzsche
The folding chair army - Fabian Brennecke
Rare diseases - Verena Müller
Nice perfect world of fetish – Florian Müller
Campen - Maria Irl
As different as East and West – Philip Lisowski
In the heart of Europe, at the end of the world – Rafael Brix / Alexander Ziegler

Schools and universities were asked to apply for the 22 spaces for exhibition stands in hall 1 of the »photokina« ahead of the fair. 12 German and 10 European Universities were accepted to present their works. Besides that three of the universities will be awarded a price money of 15.000€ in total.

A part of the work: »In the heart of europe, at the end of the world«. 
Photo: Alexander Ziegler

In hall 1 of the »photokina« interested people have a good chance to get information about different schools and universities. At the exhibition stands you can talk to professors as well as to students about the studying conditions. Professor Lars Bauernschmitt will hold a presentation on Friday September 24th on the stage of »Academy meets photokina« in hall 1 about photojournalism studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover with the title »Who can't take sides has to remain silent«. In contrast to the others halls of the photo industry, there is no entrance fee to visit hall 1.

To the website of the »photokina«

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Felix Seuffert wins DFA My Town short documentary competition in Cape Town

The short film »Reflections« of photography student Felix Seuffert and the British documentary filmmaker Anna Telford

Felix Seuffert and the British documentary filmmaker Anna Telford of Butterfly Films received the My Town NFVF spark Award of the Documentary Filmmakers' Association (DFA) in Cape Town for their short film »Reflections« on August 28th. »Reflections« is an image film for the street magazine »The Big Issue« in Cape Town, which is issued by a non-profit organisation and sold by formerly unemployed vendors in the streets. This short film contrasts the everyday life in Cape Town, one of the world's most socially unequal cities, by showing the lives of a vendor and a buyer of »The Big Issue«. The film has been realised as an assignment for »The Big Issue«, to give a face to the vendors on the roadside, who are often ignored or misunderstood as beggars.

To the website of Felix Seuffert
To the website of »The Big Issue«

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Anniversary exhibition in Perpignan

»Circus of Hope«, diploma of Michael Löwa, January 2007. 

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover has been teaching photography with a major focus on photojournalism and documentary photography for 10 years now. The anniversary exhibition will be shown for the first time during the »Visa Off« programme of the »Visa pour l'Image« in Perpignan, one of Europe's largest photofestivals. In this exhibition titled »Travelling the World« students and graduates of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover show different works from various parts of this world.

From the diploma of Julia Zimmermann »Stand up and walk!«, January 2008.

The works will be shown in La Salle des Libertés (Rue Edmont Bartissol 3, Perpignan, France) from August 28th to September 4th 2010 every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Later a larger version of the exhibiton will also be on display in Hannover.

Place: La Salle des Libertés, Rue Edmont Bartissol 3, Perpignan, France
Time: 28.08.2010 to 04.09.2010
Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily
Entrance fee: free
Vernissage: 31.08.2010 at 6 pm

To the website of the festival

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Professor Lars Bauernschmitt contributed to the BFF handbook

The fourth completely revised and extended edition of the BFF bestseller »Basiswissen« (basic knowledge) has been published and features among others a contribution of professor Lars Bauernschmitt (the BFF is the German Association of Freelance Photographers).

Lars Bauernschmitt is professor at the University of Applied Aciences and Arts Hannover since 2008 and teaches the courses in short time reportage, photo book, picture language and editorial photography. His longtime experience as executive director of the photo agency »VISUM« (1993-2008) and the formation of the new photo agency »Image|trust« help him to prepare the students well and give them informed advice on how to work together with photo agencies. He also conveys this knowledge about the co-operation of photographers and photo agencies in his contribution to the BFF handbook.

To the website of the BFF

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Daylight / CDS Photo Award: Another success for Jan Lieske

From the reportage »We are suffering here - dead end Rosarno«. Up to 900 refugees were living in this decommissioned factory without running water and electricity until they were forced to leave. Only few local helpers and the »doctors without borders« gave them support. Photo: Jan Lieske

After winning the Prix Mark Grosset and being featured in the exhibition of the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism Jan Lieske's project »We are suffering here – dead end Rosarno« is among the juror picks of the Daylight / CDS Photo Award.

In this competition, organized by the Daylight Community Arts Foundation and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in North Carolina, the jury chooses one first prize winner and five juror picks in each of the two categories (project prize, work-in-progress prize). Besides that there are ten honourable mentions in each category.

The juror Jamie Wellford (international photo editor of Newsweek magazine) chose Jan Lieske's story on the living conditions of migrant workers in southern Italy.

Daylight Community Arts Foundation (DCAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing in-depth photographic essays on important issues in print in Daylight Magazine and online.

To the website of Jan Lieske 
To the website of the Daylight Magazine 

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German Youth Photography Award: two photography students win

From the reportage "A summer on the mountain pasture". Photo: Mario Wezel 

The photography students Robin Hinsch and Mario Wezel are among the winners of this year’s German Youth Photography Award. Their entries have been chosen out of about 7.000 applications.

In his reportage »Strasbourg« Robin Hinsch followed the Protests around the Nato summit in April 2009. His photos range between the contradictory contexts of aesthetics and politics and show the prevalant chaos in a decelerated way. The reportage »A summer on the mountain pasture« by Mario Wezel tells about the life on a remote mountain pasture in the Alps of South Tyrol. He spent one week together with the dairy farmer Alois Joos and the young herders Martin, Peter, Max and René, who allowed him to gain insights in their lives.

The award ceremony of the German Youth Photography Award will take place on September 26th during the photokina, the world’s largest fair for photography, in Cologne.

From the reportage "Strasbourg". Photo: Robin Hinsch

To the Website of the German Youth Photography Award
To the Website of Mario Wezel

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Bachelor und Diploma presentations

Due to the change from the degree »diploma« to »bachelor« there will be final presentations of students for both types of degrees on 7th July 2010. The candidates are looking forward to welcome a large audience in the auditorium of the Design Center.
Besides that you can visit the exhibition of the final projects until the end of the week during the opening hours of the Design Center (7 am to 9 pm on weekdays) as well as during the showcase, which takes place on July 9th and 10th (12 am to 6 pm).

Photo: Andreas Müller
11:00 - 11:30 | Andreas Müller | »Born 01.01.....«
On waiting and hoping for a future. A photographic approach to the worlds in between of unaccompanied underage refugees in Germany.


Photo: Michael Hauri
11:30 - 12:00 | Michael Hauri | »And then I became Muslim.«
A reportage about four converts between the poles of German everyday life and islam. A photofilm series and book by Michael Hauri.


Photo: Edith Wagner
13:00 - 13:30 | Edith Wagner | »Phra Thong – A Post-Tsunami-Island«
A photographic essay about the life on a small Thai island, which had been severly destroyed by the catastrophic tsunami in the Indian Ocean on 26th December 2004 and which had been rebuilt by 20 relief organizations.


Photo: Anja Franzke
13:30 - 14:00 | Anja Franzke | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Outside the Cities
The land amidst its spaceous landscape, old arranged – not to forget the human, who formed the landscape, marked it. Documentary photo series by Anja Franzke.


Photo: Emina Hodzic
14:00 - 14:30 | Emina Hodzic | »The Nest«

Günther Hamker has been living in the forest for 50 years. This work tells about a life shaped by nature, tranquility and solitude.


Photo: Margarita Ahtchieva
14:30 - 15:00 | Margarita Ahtchieva | »Diary of a foreigner«
A portrait series on foreign au pair girls in private households in Germany. 


Photo: Neele Hentschel
15:00 - 15:30 | Nele Hentschel | »Some Girs Are Bigger Than Others«
Photographic essay about a teenage mother by Nele Hentschel.


Photo: Anna Bresztowsky
15:30 - 16:00 | Anna Bresztowsky | »The Bachelor.«
Pictures of men for men (and women).



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Lots of hands create something big

The last day of the 2nd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism ended with a record number of visitors. More than 20 000 visitors have seen the exhibitions on the Expo grounds this year. 1400 photos of 60 young photographers where presented on the Expo grounds this year, 8 exciting lectures were held by renowned photographers and 20 companies have presented their technical novelties. »Despite all the help of our sponsors, this huge sucess would not have been possible without the outstanding work of our students and numerous colleages, who have worked for it so many days. As professor of this university I am really proud!« summed up Rolf Nobel, head of the festival and professor at the University of Applied Sciences Hannover.

The photography students have worked a long time towards this success. They showed an outstanding teamwork, whether it was in painting more than 200 meters of exhibition walls, or framing more than 1400 pictures, or festival organisation and service during der festival, or the construction and deconstruction of the exhibitions. The enormous interest in young photojournalism and the continuously positive feedback of visitors, picture editors and the media, as well as the exchange with photographers featured in the exhibition and the lectures, more than compensated the students and organisors for the hard work of the last months.

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»Finger exercises« ...

... are not only a must for guitar players and pianists, but also for photographers. Besides that during the last weeks and Lumix Festival the photography students had to deal with a lot of other things than with their cameras. Thirty photography students went out during the groupmatch of Germany versus Ghana to capture the atmosphere of this event. Each photographer, including professor Rolf Nobel, got to hand in three photos. These are the results:

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Photography competition »Architecture along the Red Thread«

Winning picture of the competition »Architecture along the Red Thread«.
Photo: Kristina Jurotschkin

The sound of cars rushing by and trains thundering above the heads formed the background noise of the award ceremony and exhibition opening of the competition »Architecture along the Red Thread« in the west tunnel of the central station on 19th June 2010. The photography students of the 2nd and 4th semester have handed in about 60 works for this competition, which was organized by the BDA Niedersachsen (German alliance of architects, Lower Saxony) together with Knut Giebel (photography teacher) and Bernd Kreykenbohm (interior design professor). On the occasion of the »Time for Architectur 2010« Jan Grabau, chairman of the BDA Hannover, presented the prizes and certificates to Kristina Jurotschkin (1st prize), Jonas Wresch (2nd prize), Christoph Naumann (3rd prize) und Kiên Hoang Le (3rd prize).

The four winning pictures can be seen along with 16 other entries in the display cases of the west tunnel of the central station of Hannover until 27th June. What's extraordinary about this competion is not only the place of the exhibition, but also the kind of prizes that the winners receive. Each winner is given a professional photo assignment for a renowned architect's office, amounting to 1500 euros for the 1st prize, 1000 euros for the 2nd prize and 500 euros each for the two 3rd prizes.

2nd prize picture of the competition »Architecture along the Red Thread«. Photo: Jonas Wresch

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New galleries on fotostudenten.de


Just in time for the start of the 2nd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism »fotostudenten.de« presents the galleries in a new look. From now on the overview shows not just the names of the photography students but also preview pictures of each photo story. The presentation of each gallery has changed as well. Hannes Jung, Nora Klein, Sonja Och, Julius Schrank, Florian Manz and Fara Phoebe Zetsche have contributed new photos. 

Check out the new galleries, there is a lot to see!

To the gallery

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Andy Spyra swept the board again

Photo: Andy Spyra

Photography student Andy Spyra wins the »Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award 2010« with his »Kashmir« series. Spyra has been travelling to the Kashmir region on the boarder of India and Pakistan several times in the last  three years. Both nuclear powers have set claims for this region for years, killing 60 000 people. It is a conflict between archenemies, that the people of this region have been suffering from for years. Andy Spyra already received numerous awards, amongst others the »Canon Profifoto Sponsoring Award« and the student grant of »Getty Images« (fotostudenten.de reported). You can visit the exhibition of Andy Spyra's Kashmir series at the »Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism« from 16th to 20th June 2010.

The Leica Oskar Barnack Award broke its participation record this time with more than 1700 applications from 79 countries. The winner of the professional category is the Swedish photographer Jens Olof Lasthein with his panorama photos from the republic of Abkhazia in the south Caucasus. Members of the jury were Anthony Suau (World Press Award winner of 2009 and lecturer at the Lumix Festival 2010), Volker Lensch (picture editor for the »stern«), Eva Gravayat (Exhibition Producer of the photofestival Les Rencontres d'Arles), Karin Rehn-Kaufmann (Leica Galery Salzburg) and Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (board of directors of the Leica Camera corporation).

To the website of Andy Spyra
To the website of the »Leica Oskar Barnack Award«

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The department of photography is looking for an apprentice!

The department of photography is looking for an apprentice starting on September 1st 2010. You will learn the craft of photography, and you will also be closely involved in the developments in photojournalism. Within three years you will be moving through the different genres of photography like portrait, fashion, reportage, architecture and still life. You will get the practical experience in the photography department of the faculty of design and media of the university of applied sciences Hannover and learning the theoretical basics at the multimedia vocational school. You should be independent and be curious for the exciting profession of the photographer. Besides that you need to hand in a portfolio showing your work (minimum size is DIN A 5). Work samples on CDs or DVDs will not be accepted.

It is an advantage to have a higher education entrance qualification, but it is not a requirement. The profession of the photographer is not only for male but also for female photographers. Girls, please apply!

We are looking forward to receive your applications. If you have any questions please contact us.

Monday to Wednesday: Mr. Werda (0511/92962315)

Wednesday to Friday: Mr. Baussmerth (0511/92962313)

Please send your application until June 18th 2010 to the following address:

University of Applied Sciences Hannover
Faculty 3
Attn.: Prof. Rolf Nobel
Expo Plaza 2
30539 Hannover

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New York Photo Awards: Honorable Mention for Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

In the home of a messie there is hardly any free space left. Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

The photography student Fara Phoebe Zetzsche was awarded an honorable mention in the student category »Social Documentary – Essay« of the »New York Photo Awards«. This competition is part of the »New York Photo Festival«. Photographers from around the world were decorated with the »New York Photo Awards«, a prize and two honorable mentions in each of the seven general categories and five student categories.

Fara Phoebe Zetzsche applied with her reportage »Hoard and Clutter«, which deals with the everyday life of a messie family. The reportage is a work in progress. She describes the circumstances of people who can't part with things or who keep everything out of fear of a wrong decision due to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The compulsive hoarding can lead up to a total litter pollution of the home

To the portfolio of Fara Phoebe Zetzsche
To the website of the New York Photo Festival

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The third professor in the department of photography

Ralf Meyer discussing student photos in the course »monorail camera«. Photo: Patrice Kunte

With the start of the summer term 2010 Ralf Meyer took on the position of administrative professor for documentary photography at the university of applied sciences and arts Hannover. Ralf Meyer, who was born in Bremen in 1966, has worked as a freelance photographer for magazines and companies since the middle of the 90s. He completed his degree in communication design with a specialization in photography at the Muthesius university in Kiel, taking his exam in the class of professor Dirk Reinartz. Directly afterwards he started teaching at the Muthesius university besides his freelance work.

Ralf Meyer's free work are book projects and exhibitions of documentary photography, that deal with Germany and German history. His most well-known work is »Architektonische Nachhut« (»architectural rear guard«), a photographic approach to architectural leftovers of the nazi regime. For this project he received the »Otto-Steinert-Preis« of the DGPh and the »Reinhard-Wolf-Preis« of the BFF among other prizes. Currently Ralf Meyer's work »Zum Stand der Dinge« (»On the state of affairs«) is presented in Dresden. The museum »Technischen Sammlungen« in Dresden is showing a comprehensive exhibition with the photographic results of Meyer's stay in Dresden in the context of the »Dresden Scolarship for Photography 2009«. 

From the series »On the state of affairs«. Photo: Ralf Meyer

To the website of Ralf Meyer

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Jan Lieske wins »Prix-Mark-Grosset«

The Essay »We are Suffering Here – Dead End Rosarno« by Jan Lieske has been awarded with the »Prix Mark-Grosset«. It shows the humiliating living conditions of African harvest labourers in southern Italian Rosarno. 

Day labourers hit the road to work on the plantations. photo: Jan Lieske

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover has been invited for the 3rd time in a row to participate in the contest with a students work. It was one of 20 universities from all over the world, Japan and the USA among them. Other participants were renowned schools like the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York with many teachers being photographers for Magnum.

The »Prix-Mark-Grosset« is named after the well known and dead boss of the renowned French photo agency »RAPHO«. The award ceremony will take place at the photo festival »Promenades Photographiques« in the French city of Vendôme.

The essay from Jan Lieske will also be shown on the 2. Lumix festival for young photojournalism in Hannover from June 16 – 17, 2010.

To the portfolio of Jan Lieske

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Exposition series »Schein und Sein«

In the context of the exhibition project »Schein und Sein« appearance and reality, 11 museums in East Frisia will present photographic works by 11 students of the department of photography of the University of Applied Scienes and Arts Hannover. In 2009 the students were taking pictures all across East Frisia concerning the work of the church and daily life that is connected with churches. Eventually the students created 11 personal views on the church in the region.

The students who participated in the project were selected by Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt from all semesters in the way that the outcome is a wide spectrum of different photographic approaches and concepts. There has been created a diverse portrait of the region and the people who are living their belief. The diverse presentation shows a great variety of subjects and display formats. Altogehter the works of the students with their very different approaches on the topic are providing a broad insight into the churchly life of East Frisia.

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»Soccer for life« - students going new ways

photo: Felix Seuffert

The multimedia-productions company »2470media« which was founded last year draws attention with a new reportage project in the run-up of the soccer world championship: On the website Soccerforlife.de together with their fellow student Felix Seuffert the students of the department of photography from Hannover show multimedia-reportages concerning intercultural soccer and fan culture. In the first season protagonists from South Africa tell their very personal soccer story. Their unexpected statements are supported by a strong imagery which is typical for the multimedia pieces by »2470media«.

The first phase of the project is financed by funds of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the program »Gründercampus Niedersachsen« as well as the licensing of the movies by »DFB-TV«, which is the official channel of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB). The young photographers are also supported by »taz online« as media partner, by the charity portal »betterplace.org« and the photojournalists association »freelens e.V.«. 

The project Soccer for Life is additionaly using platforms like Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter to publish their stories besides the website soccerforlife.de and other partner websites. The aim is to maintain a supporters-community for the longterm project Soccer for Life which is going to be continued in season two with the Women Soccer Championship 2011 in Germany.

More than a viewing portal for documentary contents, Soccer for Life also is a reference project to the exploitation of new financing models for highly committed journalistic formats in the internet and for new possibilities of cooperations in journalism.

To the website of 2470media
To the website of Soccer for Life

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»Freiburg goes Expo 2010 Shanghai« with photos by Astis Krause

Portraits from the series »Menschen in Freiburg« people of Freiburg. Photos: Astis Krause

The German city Freiburg is represented on the Expo 2010 in Shanghai with a stand sized 273 sq.m.. Among other things it shows the photographic exhibition »Menschen in Freiburg« people of Freiburg by Astis Krause. To give people of Freiburg the chance to experience the concept of the presentation-stand as well as the portrait-series, there was the opening of the exhibition »Freiburg goes Expo 2010 in Shanghai« on May 3, 2010 in the Meckel-Halle of the Sparkassen-Finanzzentrum in Freiburg. The exhibition can be seen until June 3, 2010. The 200 portraits of citizens from Freiburg in different situations of life and work photographed by Astrid Krause are attached on the cubes of the expo stand. They are representing the 200,000 citizens of Freiburg. The portrayed people are always shown with one of the five items that are representative for the city and the area: a bollen-hat, a cuckoo clock, a model of the »Freiburger Münster«, a sunflower with a solar module and a wind generator. Astis Krause already created an exhibition in 2008 as official city photographer by the help of a scholarship from the »Freiburger Bürgerstiftung« with the title »Arbeiten in Freiburg« working in Freiburg.

Location: Meckel-Halle, Kaiser-Joseph-Straße, Freiburg
Opening hours: mon + thu: 9 am – 6 pm; tue, wed + fri: 9 am – 4 pm

Here you can get more information about Freiburg on the Expo 2010 in Shanghai

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Festival preperations are in full swing

Students hang the 150 sq.m. sized banner with a photo by Saiful Huq Omi on the Design Center. Photo: Hannes Jung

There are only 6 weeks left until the opening of the 2nd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism on July 16, 2010. By the hanging of two banners which measure 150 sq.m. each, the crucial preperation phase for the festival has been heralded. Now every student is demanded beside their studies to make sure that the 2nd Lumix Festival will also become a full success. More than 200 meters of exhibition walls are being painted and more than 1300 pictures are being printed and framed before the exposition will started to be set up two weeks before the launch of the festival.

It will be the 2nd Lumix Festival after the great success of 2008. From June 16 – 20, 2010 the visitors can look forward to 60 young photographers from 22 countries, 21 multimedia productions, an exciting lecturing program, a technics exposition and many interesting conversations in an enjoyable atmosphere.  

Here you can get more information on the Lumix Festival

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Students visiting »GEO SAISON«

On April 13, 17 students of the department of photography were traveling to the editorial office of »GEO SAISON« in Hamburg. The reason for the journey is the study course »travel photography« under the leadership of Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt, which has the aim to photograph a travel reportage.

Art director Astrid Borowski provides a look behind the scenes of »GEO SAISON«. 
Photo: I.C. Hagemann

The editorial office of »GEO SAISON«, which is characterised by its familiar atmosphere,  forms a rather small part within the flagship of »Gruner+Jahr«.  The students received an open-minded and warm-hearted welcome by art director Astrid Borowski who has been working for several magazines since 20 years. With her statement »New photographers are always sensed as a risk, even when their portfolio is outstanding«, she disillusioned the students right from the start and pointed out that it will be a long way to persist on the magazine market. The secret of success is a good presentation, commitment, the ability to assert oneself and many own ideas. »The picture desk prefers to play safe but is always looking forward to seeing fresh projects, because eventually everything has been done a thousand times.«, says picture editor Mareile Fritzsche.

Throughout the day the picture desk points out to be always in conflict of confirming clichés and providing new point of views. As Astrid Borowski says the editors always try to reflect the soul of a country or a city by the choice of the pictures and the layout. But you are always cought in the middle, because magazines with blue skies and sunshine on their covers sell a lot better.

Astrid Borowski is in the magazine business for more than 20 years now and still likes to look at pictures. »We have the priviledge to show the bright sides of our world.  Photo: Joanna Nottebrock

Basically the students left the publishing house of »Gruner+Jahr« with a good feeling. The editorial office confirmed that there are always outstanding pictures from all over the earth. But once you are trying to find pictures from one´s own doorstep thing a are becoming difficult. It was hard to find a cover picture for the upcoming issue which is dealing with the German islands Sylt and Rügen.

To the current issue of »GEO SAISON«

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Verena Müller supports »Care-for-Rare-Foundation«

For more than a year student of the department of photography Verena Müller has been working on a photo project about uncommon child deseases. Therefore she accompanied a boy who suffers from the »Wiskott-Aldrich-Syndrome« on his way through gene therapy at the Hannover Medical School (MHH). As a result of that story a cooperation with the »Care-forRare-Foundation« has been developed. Within the context of an international network the foundation supports fundamental research of uncommon deseases and the development of new therapies. Moreover it is involved to give children with uncommon deseases access to modern medical care.

The parents of the boy who suffers from the »Wiskott-Aldrich-Syndrome« try to make their child´s daily hospital routine more liveable. photo: Verena Müller

On asignment by »Care-for-Rare« Verena Müller photographed a part of the international network in Hannover, Paris, Vienna as well as in Oman and produced the multimedia slideshow »Eine seltene Chance« by the help of »2470media«.

On Tuesday – April 13th »Care-for-Rare« will for the first time present itself in public within Germany´s biggest events series »Ausgewählter Ort 2010 im Land der Ideen«. The exposition with the pictures from Verena Müller and the multimedia slideshow »Eine seltene Chance« can be seen in lecture hall F at the Hannover Medical School.

Location: MHH, lecture hall F, Carl-Neuberg-Straße 1, Hannover
Duration: 1 day
Admission: free
Opening: Tuesday, April 13th, 1:30 pm


To the website of »Care-for-Rare-Foundation«

To the website of »Deutschland - Land der Ideen«

To the website of »2470media«

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5th issue of »GO« Magazine has been released

This year again eight students of the department of photography were taking pictures for the »GO« Magazine. The monothematic magazine with 130 pages was produced in cooperation with alumnis of the Zeitenspiegel-Reportageschule Günter Dahl and is titled »Raus!«. The stories were taking the reporters and students of the department of photography to several places in Germany, Austria, Italy, Palastine, India, South Africa and Kosovo.

As the final project for the students of the reportage school, the magazine has a print run of 1,500 copies and will be distributed to editorial offices throughout Germany afterwards. Since 2008 the Reportageschule Günter Dahl is cooperating with the department of photography of the University of Applied Sinces and Arts Hannover which also resulted in the 4th Magazine which was titled »Nachbarn«. The idea for the cooperation of both schools came up by the experiences with the mare - special edition »Captains Dinner«. By the initiative of mare – chief editor Nikolaus Gelpke, alumnis of the Zeitenspiegel-Reportageschule and students of photography from Hannover were already working together on several continents for this magazine as well.  

Click here to view the current issue
Click here to get to the website of the Reportageschule Günter Dahl

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Students publish pictures in »GEO SAISON«

Last summer 16 students of the department of photography were taking pictures for Österreich Werbung Deutschland. They traveled to different areas of Austria to find visual motifs, observe people and photograph interesting locations. The results of the voyage are printed in the march-supplement of »GEO SAISON« titled »Traumpfade im Wanderland«. On several double pages the students illustrate the beauty of the different regions and convey the reader a clear view of the vacation destination Austria.

Here you can order GEO-SAISON
Here you can find more publications

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Andy Spyra's photos in the C/O Gallery Berlin

From the Essay »Kashmir« by Andy Spyra

As a part of the »Talents« programme of C/O Galerie Berlin, Andy Spyra´s essay »Kashmir« will be on exhibition together with texts by Christin Müller. »Talents« presents photographers and art critics on the cusp of becoming professionals. In his essay »Kashmir« Andy Spyra deals with the territorial conflict about the Kashmir region between Pakistan and India.

Location: C/O Galerie Berlin, Postfuhramt at Oranienburger Straße 35/36, Berlin
Exhibition dates:
March 20 until May 25 2010
8€, reduced 5€
Opening hours:
daily, 11 am – 8 pm
Exhibition opening:
Friday, March 19, 2010 7 pm

To the website of Andy Spyra
To the website of C/O Galerie Berlin

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The department of photography is again represented at the Photokina

For the second time since 2008 the department of photography of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover has been selected to present itself with a stand at the Photokina. Far more than 50 universities from Germany and abroad have applied for one of the twenty stands on the demanded exhibition space.

Just like two years ago the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover will present their educational concepts and study content showing student works of all semesters at the world's largest trade fair for photography from September 21st until September 26th 2010 in Hall 1 - themed »Acadamy meets photokina«. This years' motto is, as announced by the organisers: »Unlimited - exploring limits, experiencing limits, and exceeding limits«.

Many prospective students took the opportunity to get further information about studying Photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover in 2008. Photo: Isabel Winarsch  

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»Kathmandu – city of kings« at imago Kunstverein Wedemark

From Lucas Wahl's series »Kathmandu - city of kings«

The exhibition of the winning project of the VGH Fotopreis 2009 from Lucas Wahl will be opened on Sunday, March 14, 2010 noon at the imago Kunstverein Wedemark e.V. The exhibition will open with a speech by professor Rolf Nobel (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover). Afterwards it can be seen until April 25, 2010.

In his picture series »Kathmandu – city of kings« the 25-year-old Lucas Wahl shows impressions from the daily life of the Nepalese, photographed with the unusual panorama format.

The gallery of the Imago Kunstverein is situated in a gorgeous timbered house and marks the center of artistic life in the Wedemark.

On Sunday, April 11, 2010 moreover there will be the chance to take part on a discussion with the photographer at 4 pm. The finissage will be on Sunday, April 25 between 4 pm and 5 pm.

Location: imago Kunstverein Wedemark, Am Markt 1, 30900 Bissendorf / Wedemark
Exhibition dates: March, 14 until April 25, 2010
Opening hours: Tue – Fri 11 am – 1 pm and 3 pm – 5 pm, Sat 11 am – 1 pm, Sun 3 pm – 5 pm
Exhibition opening: Sun, March 14, 2010, noon

To Lucas Wahl's website
To the website of imago Kunstverein Wedemark

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»Kollektiv25« On Air

Presenter Julie Gölsdorf interviewing photo students Julius Schrank and Florian Manz.

On the occasion of the founding of »Kollektiv25«, two of the members, Julius Schrank and Florian Manz, were invited to give an interview at Radio Bremen TV. In the 10-minute telecast, broadcasted on February 24, 2010, the photo students spoke about the benefits of a collective, how the idea came up and the capacity to deal with critique.

Click here to see the recording

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Entry deadline extended until 5th March

To allow the server a little recreation and to give the forgetful photographers a second chance, the festival organizer extended the entry deadline until 5th March. By then, registration and image upload (for applications for the FreeLens Award) respectively the upload of multimedia stories (for applications for the Lumix Multimedia Award) must be completed. The competiton rules and application forms can be found here:


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Exhibition Opening in Gera

With her intermediate diploma »Kursdorf – A Village in the Airport«, alumni Eileen Rahn won a complementary award at 9th »Aenne Biermann Prize«, offered by the city of Gera. Since 1992, the prize had been offered every 2 years and it is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of young contemporary photography in Germany.

Location: Museum of Applied Arts, Greizer Str. 37, 07545 Gera
Exhibition dates: March 2 until May 2, 2010
Opening hours: Tue 1 – 8 pm, Wed – Fri 10 am – 5 pm, Sat & Sun 11 am – 6 pm
Exhibition opening: Mon, March 1, 2010, 7 pm

Click here to visit Eileen Rahn´s website

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Application deadline for the foto festival: February 28

The deadline is closing in: Until February 28 young photojournalists can register as an applicant. After the registration they still have 5 days to upload their work. Each applicant can submit a photo story for the FreeLens Award as well as a multimedia production for the Lumix Multimedia Award. Applications can also be based upon two different photo stories. Competition rules and application forms can be found at »application«.

To the website of the Festival for Young Photojournalism

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Exhibition »Germany, no Winter´s Tale?«

From February 27 until April 11, 2010, the group project »Germany, no Winter´s Tale?« will be exhibited at the photo gallery »fotopension«, Marsiliusstraße 55, Cologne. The exhibition opening takes place on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 7.30 pm.
The title refers to Heinrich Heine´s satirical description of Germany in 1843. Robert Lebeck´s photo essay »Germany in March«, done in 1983, was the benchmark for the exhibited project. Similarities can be found in the radical subjectivity, the willingness to take up position and to express clearly about people, places and situations. In this tradition, the students do not exactly show Germany at it´s best in their photographic review. The project was realized in the years of 2006 and 2007 in charge of professor Rolf Nobel. The result is an essay, telling about wealth and poverty, media lust and pornography, environmental awareness and recycling-world champions, of parallel and fun society, Holocaust and neo-fascism, tradition and high tech.
On exhibition are photographs by Henning Bode, Anja Franzke, Daniel Nauck, Michael Hauri, Tobias Schmitt, Felix Seuffert, Nicole Strasser, Florian Sonntag, Ben Ullmann, Edith Wagner.


Ikea-opening in Hannover. Photo: Michael Hauri 


To the webseite of fotopension

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Kollektiv 25: A Revival of Team Work

From the series »Ewig Treu« by Lene Münch.

The photo students Florian Manz, Lene Münch, Julius Schrank and Lucas Wahl launched »Kollektiv25« to present their photojournalistic work together and not as lonesome fighters.
On their website they write: »We want to learn about the backgrounds, to understand them and to show our own view on the world«. They present reportages, multimedia works and single images from their individual works and collaborative projects on their joint website. If you are interested, you can follow up via Facebook and Twitter and stay informed about current projects, publications and achievements. 

From Florian Manz's reportage »Der letzte Bauer von Hannover«.


Click here to visit the website of »Kollektiv25«

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Milos Djuric and Julius Schrank win »Canon ProfiFoto Förderpreis 10/1«

The two Hanoverian photo students Milos Djuric and Julius Schrank got one of the five desired prizes at the »Canon Profifoto Förderpreis 10/1«. Milos Djuric won with his reportage about a Hanoverian Rap-musician, whom he accompanied on street, stage and at home. Julius Schrank convinced the jury members with his photo story on a logger camp in the Canadian wilderness.

Masu and his partner D-Kay put up posters announcing their joint concert in Hannover.
Photo: Milos Djuric 

Ina-Jasmin Kossatz (picture editor of the photo agency »Laif«): »It was very exciting for me to witness once more, what photography actually can do: I got wanderlust, got affected, inspired, sad, surprised and proud of the newcomers. The pictures of the winners are so intense that I felt my heart beating faster during the judging.«
Other jury members were Thomas Gerwers (ProfiFoto), Guido Krebs (Canon), Oliver Seltmann (publishing house Seltmann und Söhne), Christoph Bamberg (Lumas) and Bernd Sumalowitsch (Selected Views).

A Canadian lumberman fells an old cedar. These trees can reach the age of 2000 years.
Photo: Julius Schrank

The prize is a voucher: The winners can purchase Canon equipment worth 2000 Euro. With 252 participants and more than 2000 pictures, a new record was set at the »Canon ProfiFoto Förderpreis 10/1«.

To the website of the »Canon Profifoto Förderpreis 10/1«
To the website of Julius Schrank
To the website of Milos Djuric

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Sabine Spengler presents her Diploma

On Thursday, 28.01.2010, at 7 p.m. Sabine Spengler presents her essay about everyday life in Mexico City at the auditorium of the Design Center. 

A good attendance will be appreciated by the graduand.  

Photo: Sabine Spengler

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Diploma Presentation at »Faust«

On Thursday, January 21, 2010, Sandra Dürdoth presents her diploma work »GO-BETWEEN - 12 Portraits« at the premises of »Faust« (address: Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3, 30451 Hannover).

In the 1970s, photography experienced greater autonomy and was more and more accepted as an art form. According to this, its sphere of action also increased: Photographs are collected by more and more people, auctioned, scientifically processed, preserved, analyzed, published and exhibited.
Sandra Dürdoth's work shall show which and, most of all, what people are into photography in some form or another with the help of 12 examples of selected personages of the photographic scene.

A good attendance will be appreciated by the graduand!

Publicist, curator and professor of theory of photography
Klaus Honnef. Photo: Sandra Dürdoth

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Three Diploma Presentations

Three diploma presenations take place in the auditorium of the Design-Center on Monday, January 18, 2010. A good attendance will be appreciated by the graduands!

At 12.15 pm, Kai Nedden presents his work about an almost forgotten spot of land in the far north of Iceland. There is no road that leads there, however, someone calls it home.

»Life at Drangar« Photo: Kai Nedden 

At 2 pm, Jessica Mintelowsky presents an audiovisual documentary about everyday life of a punk rock band from Bremen.

»In bed with dimple minds« Photo: Jessica Mintelowsky 

Last but not least, Marion Dubberke presents her diploma »Ein Bisschen vom Meer« - pictures on memories between paradise and banality along the Adriatic Sea at 2.45 pm.

»Un po`di la`del mare« Photo: Marion Dubberke

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Quirin Leppert on Architectural Photography

On January 6, Qurin Leppert speaks about his architectural photography in the auditorium of the Design Center at 4 pm.

Quirin Leppert, born in Munich in 1963, started his career as a photographer after Abitur and civilian service at the age of 21. In 1992, after working as an assistant in Rome, London and Hamburg - including photographers like Uwe Düttmann, Charlotte March and Paul Schirnhofer - he started his business as a freelance photographer. Since that, he has worked for major German magazines and Newspapers as well as for advertising agencies and architects.

Since 2004, he teaches at the University of Innsbruck. The enthusiastic racing cyclist lives in Allmannshausen at Lake Starnberg, his studio is located in Munich.

Click here to visit the website of Qurin Leppert

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Robin Hemmer talks about the »i-D Magazine«

On the occasion of the lecture series »Mittwisser«, the field of study Fashion Design invited the art historian Robin Hemmer to give a speech at the auditorium of the Design Center on January 6, 2010 at 6 pm, entitled »From Storytelling to Fashion – The Photographs for the i-D Magazine«.

Since its founding by Terry Jones, former art director at Vogue, in 1977, i-D is one of the most influential fashion magazines. In addition to fashion, the magazine also deals intensively with youth culture, art and music. Famous for its modern art design and typography, it made many photographers well-known or gave them a platform, among them Wolfgang Tillmans, Juergen Teller and Ellen from Unwirth.

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