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German Coastline - North Sea

North Sea beachWafts of mist, moving through the port that was built with red clinker and left fine drizzle on my glasses, welcomed me when I arrived the first time at the coast. After 20 minutes I stood totally frozen in front of a diner that was closed due to the fact that it was winter. 9:30 a.m. , I drove four hours to get here and now I wanted to go back immediately. But the next train would not depart until hours later. Today I am happy that I was forced to stay and discover the beauty of this landscape, which was meagre, reduced and at the same time monumental. Meanwhile it occurred to me that the coast of the North Sea has an extreme landscape. Either you love it or you don’t. There is nothing in between. The beauty of the landscape is being thwarted by the sad atmosphere in the seaport of Emden or Bremerhaven. Perhaps it were those first impressions that were at the same time repulsive and promising. If something is awkward and different than the normal, the interest rises. Nut just as an photographer but also as a mindful observer I come back to interesting places and compare them to my former experiences of the sea, the hometown, the birth town. My photographic work is about visualising these new impressions. I visualised the coast landscape with a clear, documentary picture language in the medium format. As that supports best the details and the character of this “border of Germany”. The pictures tell stories from this region. Instead of refreshing old stereotypes or just to support the touristic experiences, I want to get the observer to reconsider his experiences.