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Hanover, New Hampshire

More than half of the citizens are students. The average age is 23 years and this makes Hanover, NH to the third “youngest” city in the USA. But at the same time it is one of the richest districts, regarding the number of citizens. Over 80% of the non-collegiate citizens have a college degree and the matching well paid job. The city is dominated by the private Ivy-League College Dartmouth, founded in 1769. »Be careful judging this country by this town. This is not America!« as the town manager Julia Griffin puts it. Everything here is more sophisticated. And this is the fact that makes this untypical town so ideal as a prototype for the perfect American town. If you do not look too close…


In the design of an photographic essay the work shows an approach to the private Ivy League College and its students, the town Hanover,NH and its citizens. The result is a choice of the most significant places with a very distant point of view.  As many aspects of obvious ambivalence as possible are being treated. The pictures portray the town, the life and the people like they, perhaps, would like to be themselves. Simultaneously, this illusion of a certain superficiality helps to draw a picture of the real physiognomy of the local society. A calm and balanced picture compositions are inviting the viewer to find the unusual and surprising in the banal seeming pictures on the second look.

Stefan Kröger, September 2004



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