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Canada Burning

From the helicopter the mighty Canadian forest, looks like an ocean of burned matches. Once the fire starts burning it is hardly stoppable.

In many firefighters memory the year 2009 will remain as one of the busiest of the last decades. At the beginning of September the British Columbien firefighters already dealed with 2000 square kilometers of burned forest. At this point the fire season was far from being over. The extreme heat and dryness offered the fire perfect conditions to spread rapidly fast. 

The »Kelly creek fire«, approx. 5 hours north of Vancouver, burned on a size of more than 200 square kilometers. About 100 firefighters, 14 helicopters and 24 bulldozers struggled for months, trying to get the fire under control. Many local residents had to be evacuated for weeks. However, no lives and only a little number of buildings were lost.