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To be someone else

Carla, or Cage as her friends call her, has 80 costumes at home. The 20-year old apprentice in graphic design is a cosplayer, and thus part of the first youth scene which has no ideology but is just focused on self-representation. Because of her tall frame, she prefers to play male figures, but she is also generally interested in androgynous people. 20-year old Sascha is a packer under a temporary work contract. Since 4 years, he has been cosplaying. He says it is fun to let it all hang out sometimes and to be someone else. “I’ve become more spontaneous and more open to things”. Two to three times a year he wears his costumes for show, on big conventions. The rest of the year, he is busy creating new costumes and watching anime. Eddi and Jessica have been cosplaying for five years. For Eddi, it is most important to switch off from everyday life, to slip into other roles than the garbage truck driver he is every day. His 24-year old wife works as a Kindergärtner and makes the costumes for the both of them. Sailor Moon is her great passion. „But most of the time, I get into the evil roles. I don’t even want that, but when I’m into it, I am really convincing”.