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Lumix Festival one of the »Cultural Highlights« of 2008

In the annual review of the »Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung« (HAZ) from 27th December 2008, the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism was listed as one of the 35th most important cultural events of the year. Even among the seven events which were higlighted with a photo, the festival was mentioned. The HAZ is the newspaper with the highest circulation in Lower Saxony.

During five days in June, the former Expo site with its seven exhibition areas and around 1400 exhibited photographs was the mecca of the international young photojournalism. The outstanding premiere of the festival drew the attention of about 12,000 visitors, including many professionals and international guests. In June 2010, the Lumix Festival will take place for the second time. The organizers of the festival, the photography department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover and the photojournalist organization »FreeLens« expect an even larger number of visitors.

Visitors during the 1st Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. Photo: Florian Wallenwein




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Workshop with the reportage school »Zeitenspiegel«

Students of the »Zeitenspiegel-Reportageschule Guenter Dahl« and photo students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts met in the Design Center Hanover from 13 to 15 December for a three-day-workshop. Aim of the workshop was to prepare the fourth edition of the magazine »GO«, which concludes the one-year training of the future reporters.
The idea to do the next edition of »GO« together with photo-journalism students from Hanover emerged after a joint assignment for the Hamburg magazine »mare«. Six reporter-photographer teams wrote and photographed reports on four continents for the »mare« Special Edition »Captain's Dinner«. The work was so successful, that both schools decided to strengthen the cooperation on a bilateral level.

Zeitenspiegel-Author Philipp Maushardt during the work with the photo students. Photos: S. Och

In the context of the workshop, the teachers told the participants about problems which can occur whilst the cooperation of writers and photographers traveling and working together on reportages and gave tips on how to avoid conflicts as well as how mutual respect can occur, so that a positive cooperation can be developed. Furthermore, Professor Rolf Nobel and Professor Lars Bauernschmitt gave the reportage-students from Reutlingen insights into reportage photography, the picture market as well as legal and financial frameworks. And Philipp Maushardt and Erdmann Wingert teached the Hanoverian photographers in writing an exposé and small texts.

Prof. Rolf Nobel in conversation with the photographers and writers of the »GO«-Magazins.

Sunday was reserved for theme discussion and the planning of the magazine. Like its three forerunners, the booklet will be a monothematic magazine. The next »GO«-Magazine is to be issued in April.

As the groups departed on Monday afternoon, participants and teachers from both training centers agreed on the profits of the first workshop and announced, that they would like to continue this cooperation beyond the »GO«-magazine.

To the web page of the Zeitenspiegel-Reportageschule Günther Dahl




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Prediplomas winter semester 08/09

On Thursday, December 11, 2008, the presentation of five prediplomas starts in the auditorium of the Design Center of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts at 11 a. m.
The accopanying exhibition will be set up on December 8, 2008 in the atrium of the Design Center. The prediplomants would be pleased about many visitors.

»Tango Argentino«
The Tango is ArgentinaŽs number one export product and is danced only by a few of the Porteños, how the residents of Buenos Aires call themselves. Nevertheless, the music is ubiquitous and Carlos Gardel, the first tango singer, a national hero. Many tourists from all over the world come to visit the capital at all seasons to experience the dance authentically at its origin and to immerge into a very special attitude towards life.


Young persons in their rooms


»Zwischen Mode und Mann«
Portraits of young people.


»Off Stage«
Nele Hentschel accompanied the company of the »Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe« during the rehearsal for a ballet evening.


»Wo ist zu diesem Innen ein Außen«
Staged photography as a form of interpretation of poems and novel excerpts.




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Students photographed worldwide for »mare« magazine

For the recently published special edition of the mare magazine »Captain's Dinner« the editorial office of the magazine from Hamburg came up with an unusual cooperation: Photography students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts photographed all reportages of the issue, whereas graduates of the Zeitenspiegel reportage school »Günther Dahl« in Reutlingen wrote them. The cooperation of the six young reporter pairs took place on four continents. The work led the photography students Felix Seuffert to Japan, Henning Bode to Canada, Verena Müller to Iceland, Franz Bischof to Peru, Lucas Wahl to Israel and Michael Hauri to France.

Henning Bode photographed in Souris, the lobster megacity in Canada.


Henning Bode celebrated his birthday in the local pub.

The students came back packed with a lot of stunning photographs but also with many experiences. The intended stories didn't always work out as expected and so the photographers and reporters occasionally had to improvise and also show stamina. Just like Verena Müller, who already became seasick when the redfish trawler in the waters of the Icelandic Westmen Isles had just left the harbour. Felix Seuffert even had to go under water, because the editorial office of mare demanded also underwater photographs for his reportage about the sea urchin divers of Iki Island. They've been the first underwater photographs in his life and a lovely picture of this series now fills a whole page of the magazine.


The wealthy fisherman of Heimaey have been photographed by Verena Müller.

Gray Panthers on urchin hunt in the Sea of Japan. Felix Seuffert took the photos.

Michael Hauri, too, had his problems. In Marseille, he and his writing colleague had to realize that the bouillabaisse was not a poor man's food at all and is served only seldom in ordinary households because of the high prices of the ingredients and the time-consuming cooking. Consequently, their reportage about the bouillabaisse predominantly takes place in the kitchens of posh restaurants.

Michael Hauri photographed a reportage about the bouillabaisse in Marseille.


Rather amusing are the experiences Henning Bode made during his reportage on the east coast of Canada. When he tells his bizarre anecdotes of the small lobster fishing town of Souris, it sounds like passages of Annie Proulx' worldwide bestseller »The Shipping News«, which is also set in a small fishing village at the Canadian east coast.

Jews and Muslims pull together at one net? No fairy tale!

Lucas Wahl and Sara Mously have travelled through the province of Galilee in the North of         Israel for 10 days.

While photographing the mare reportages, all of the six students learnt a lot. »As you can not predict what will happen on such a photo reportage trip«, says Henning Bode, »as a photographer, you need to be flexible and versatile«. And Franz Bischof adds: »studying can help you be prepared by training the dry run and that is what is done in Hanover. But one day, every student has to be thrown in at the deep end and has to try to get by.«

     In Peru, the nation celebrates a cold loved fish dish - officially decreed. Franz Bischof photographed in the kitchens of Lima.

Mare's chief editor Nikolaus Gelpke had the idea for this collegiate magazine project. 11 years ago, with his magazine »mare«, the Swiss Marine Biologist created one of the most remarkable recent publications of the print scene. Piled with prices, »mare« has become a qualitative authority in print journalism by now. All the more is the honour that chief editor Nikolaus Gelpke, who otherwise assigns the creme de la creme of photojouralism from famous photo agencies like Magnum, VII or Noor, gave six photo students from Hanover the chance to photograph for the special issue »Captain's Dinner«. »The University of Applied Sciences and Arts is discussed regularly, as outstanding work is done there. That is why we decided to give it a try with this number«, says Nikolaus Gelpke, »and we did not regret it in the end, as many wonderful pictures came up.«

Order your copy here





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Hannes Jung wins advancement award of the county of Osterholz

With his photo series »Winter Nights«, the 22 year old photo student Hannes Jung wins the arts advancement award of the county of Osterholz, endowed with 2500€ prize money. The theme of this year's award was »home«. From the 68 submitted works, 15 were short-listed by the jury. Jury members were Donata Holz (cultural studies), Gisela Eufe (sculptor), Volker Kühn (artist and gallery owner), Dr. Karen E. Hammer (Managing Director of the Cultural Foundation Osterholz) and Bernd Milla (Artistic Director of the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede).

By offering the award, the county of Osterholz wants to advance the resident artists, to appeal a general public for art and artists of the region and to give the art scene fresh impetus. The award ceremony took place on 16th November in Worpswede. All submitted works are exhibited in the »Große Kunstschau Worpswede« until 1st February 2009.

                            The winning work »Winter Nights«, photographed by Hannes Jung.







Photo students on the road

Anke Reitz, Director of the museum in Clervaux, guides the photo students in two groups through the exhibition »Family of Man«. Photo: Patrice Kunte

»One must have seen this exhibition!«
Photo students on a field trip to Luxembourg and Frankfurt
Enthusiasm and the awareness to have seen a milestone in the history of photography were the consistent responses of the 40 photo students, who saw Edward SteichenŽs photo exhibition »Familiy of Man« in Luxembourgian Clervaux. The most successful photo exhibition of all times is there, permanently exhibited in the Castle of Clervaux, as »Memory of the World« of the UNESCO. 2003, the exhibition, which was shown from 1955 to 1962 in 55 places of the world and which attracted over 9 million visitors, was admitted into the UNESCO-register. A restoration process, which lasted several years, was preceded, as the exhibition has greatly suffered because of the frequent set-up and dismantling.

Anke Reitz, head of the museum, told the students about backgrounds, anecdotes and the echo on the exhibition, with which Edward Steichen wanted to conjure up the idea of a humanistic idea of man and of a great human family. For this he used photos of the then most important photojournalists from around the world. Critics like Roland Barthes, on the other hand, saw the exhibition as a sentimental transfiguration of reality and as a justification for the immutability of the world.
In any case, the hanging and architecture of the exhibition, in which the guidance of the visitors, size and arrangement of the images form a sophisticated system, is still innovative.

Julia Zimmerman, a University of Applied Sciences and Arts Diploma student and now working as a Freelance Photographer for the F.A.Z. in Frankfurt, answered questions on the work of the Editorial Photographers. Photo: Rolf Nobel

From Clervaux the route led to Frankfurt, where the students visited the editorial department of the »Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung« on the following day. Christian Pohlert, Chief of the F.A.Z. Picture Department and Photo Editor Dirk Zimmer welcomed the guests. Then the students got a brief overview of the work of the picture department, had the opportunity to talk with the photographers Julia Zimmermann and Frank Röthen about their work and finally discussed about the cover picture concept of the F.A.Z. with News Chief Jasper von Altenbockum and Christian Pohlert.

F.A.Z. Picture Editor Dirk Zimmer explains the way of working in the picture department.   Photo: Rolf Nobel

Finale of the trip was a visit to the »Societätsdruckerei« in Mörfelden in the evening hours, where the Saturday issue of the F.A.Z. has just been printed on one of the biggest and most expensive reel offset machines in Europe. The three-day excursion was made possible by the prize money, won at a contest of the photokina-organisators »Kölnmesse« and »Photoindustrie-Verband«. This prize was awarded for special achievements and for the support of the junior photographers on the occasion of the photokina-presentation »Academy meets photokina«. 5000 Euro were given to each of the Universities of Applied Sciences of Bielefeld, Münster and Hannover.

The reel offset machine of the »Frankfurter Societätsdruckerei« on which the F.A.Z. and various other newspapers are printed. It is one of the largest and most expensive printing machines in Europe. Photo: Patrice Kunte




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Michael Hauri awarded at CPOY Competition

For his work on the Romanian border region Maramureş, the Hanoverian photo student Michael Hauri was awarded with an Award of Excellence at the 63rd College Photographer of the Year competition (CPOY) in the category "Documentary". The CPOY is considered one of the most important student photo contests worldwide and arouses the attention of the photography sector. The assessment of the work is at the University of Missouri in American Columbia and takes an entire week.

According to Rita Reed, Director of the College Photographer of the Year competition, 566 students from 121 universities worldwide submitted a total of over 13,000 photos. Jury members were Melissa Farlow (National Geographic Magazine), Travis Fox (Washingtonpost.com), Tammy Lechner (Freelancer) and Steve Rice (Minneapolis Star Tribune). Hauris work, which was also exhibited at the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover in June, was assessed as »a highly atmospheric picture series, which familiarizes the viewer with the ambiance and the people of the region« by the jury. Besides the student of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover, no other participant from a university outside the U.S. and Canada was awarded a prize at this years competition.

At the cattle market of Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures, Romania. Photo: Michael Hauri

To the images on the CPOY web site

To Michael Hauri's portfolio

To Michael Hauri's website






2nd Lumix Festival in June 2010

From 16th to 20th June 2010 the next Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism will take place on the former area of the world fair Expo 2000.

The organizers - the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover and the photojournalist organisation FreeLens - do not want to change the fundamentals of the successful concept of the festival, which had a great start this year. Merely subtleties will be worked over. Amongst others, the organizers plan to use modern communication technology to enable the visitors to hear the lectures both in English and German.

Otherwise, also on the 2nd Lumix Festival, 60 works of young photojournalists will be exhibited. Again, photographers from all over the world who are under the age of 35 can apply for one of the exhibitions. FreeLens will honour the best works with the FreeLens Award for Young Photojournalism. As before, exhibition areas are the futuristic pavilions on the Expo-compound. The lecture programme will also not be inferior with 8 lectures by world-class photographers.
For interested groups and school classes, there will be tours again.

Since the next festival will also coincide with a soccer-mega event, the soccer world championship in South Africa, a public viewing will be organised. The most important matches will be broadcasted on Panasonic large-format screens.

Photo: Florian Wallenwein






VGH-Fotopreis 2008 award ceremony

On Thursday, 13.11.2008, the award ceremony of the VGH-Fotopreis takes place.

Afterwards, the exhibition of the winning work »Simson - a Bicycle as Cult« by Patrice Kunte will be inaugurated in the VGH Gallery.
The exhibition is opened daily from 14.11.2008 to 15.01.2008 from 11 am to 5 pm.

From the winning photo series of the VGH-Fotopreis 2008. photo: Patrice Kunte





Festive opening of the exhibition »Working in Freiburg«

Photography student Astis Krause at the opening of her exhibition. Photo: Verena Müller

On Thursday, 16.10.2008, the photo exhibition of the »Freiburger Stadtfotografin« Astis Krause was opened solemny in Freiburg.

From February to March 2008, Astis Krause, student at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, visited Freiburg with her camera in the context of a scholarship of the Freiburger Bürgerstiftung. Her subject-matter was »working in Freiburg«. She accompanied 25 people. The results of her photographic wanderings show how people work in Freiburg. Astis Krause photographed the work of a midwife, the work in a solar factory, a streetcar driver and many more.

The exhibition at the »Museum für Stadtgeschichte«,Wentzingerhaus is open until 9.11.2008.


Photo: Astis Krause

Photo: Astis Krause



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Patrice Kunte wins VGH Fotopreis 2008

Patrice Kunte is the winner of this yearŽs VGH photo prize. The 23-year-old student of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover (FHH) wins 10,000 euros prize money and gets a solo exhibition in the VGH Gallery.

The award ceremony will take place on 13 November in the context of a reception at the VGH. The exhibition of KunteŽs winning photo series "Simson- a Bicycle as Cult" will be open for public viewing from November 14th on.

Photo: Patrice Kunte

Patrice Kunte, born in Ueckermünde, convinced the jury with a picture series which shows the subculture around the moped of former East Germany, whose production slowly ran down after the reunification. The work is made with a very high photographically maturity, considering the young age of the photographer, so the judgement of the jury. The photographer researched all aspects regarding to the cult around the moped and visualized them in a well composed way. The work shows talent and commitment as well as a lot of sense for the right motive.

Photo: Patrice Kunte

As a 16-year-old, Patrice Kunte possesed two Simson-mopeds himself. To his surprise, he noted how the moped from former East Germany suddenly came back into fashion. So the idea for the reportage was born. Patrice Kunte studies at the faculty 3 in his 3rd semester, with professor Rolf Nobel as his lecturer. He was very conscious about the desicion for his place to study, as the teaching is concentrated on photojournalism.

The jury consists of renowned profis: Ruth Eichhorn, Director of Photography at GEO and the Photo Chiefs of the magazine mare, Barbara Stauss and F.A.Z., Christian Pohlert. Furthermore Michael Thomas, Chief Photographer at the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung and Professor Rolf Nobel belong to the jury.

The members of the jury in discussion. Michael Thomas, Barbara Stauss, Prof. Rolf Nobel, Ruth Eichhorn, Christian Pohlert. (from left to right) Photo: Franz Bischof

The VGH Fotopreis has been offered to the photographic newcomers of the Department of Photography of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover as a nationwide unique cultural sponsoring, after six years as a photo competition both for amateur and professional photographers. With the realignment of the prize, the VGH is supporting specific the young photo professionals, as the company already focuses on the newcomers in soccer and horse-riding with itŽs sport sponsoring.



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Second professorship for the department of photography

Photo: Andy Spyra

Since 1. September, Lars Bauernschmitt deputizes the stand-in professorship for the second professorship at the Department of Photography. He assumed various lectureships at the Universitiy of Applied Sciences and Arts Hamburg between 1996 and 1997 and at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover since 2004.

The Graduate Designer was born in Hamburg in 1963 and studied communications design from 1985 until 1992 at the University of Essen (formerly known as Folkwang Schule). From 1993 to 2008 he acted as the Executive Director of the photo agency VISUM in Hamburg.

Lars Bauernschmitt is an appointed member of the DGPh and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the BVPA.



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The credibility of photography

During the discussion of Deutschlandfunk: Photo Professor Rolf Nobel, photography expert Anders Uschold and photographer Nathalie Bothur. Photo: Frank Steinbach

On the ocassion of the photokina, Prof. Rolf Nobel discussed live about the credibility of photography on the radio station »Deutschlandfunk«. The debate was about manipulation, impact and significance of photography in advertising and media.
One can listen to the 25-minute discussion as a podcast. Here is the link:





VGH Fotopreis focuses on young talents

10.000 Euro prize money and a solo exhibition for the winner that is the realigned VGH Fotopreis. Young photojournalists of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover will profit from the unique nation-wide cultural sponsorship in the future. The VGH acts as a promoter of photographic newcomers, who are educated at the school (faculty III Media, Information and Design) under the direction of professor Rolf Nobel.

A panel of experts will select the winner. Jury members are Ruth Eichhorn, Director of Photography at GEO, Barbara Stauss, photo chief at mare, Christian Pohlert, leader of the photographic editorial department of the F.A.Z., Michael Thomas, chief photographer at the Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung and professor Rolf Nobel. On the occasion of the exhibition opening in the VGH-Galerie at the head office of the VGH, the VGH Fotopreis will be handed over to the best photographer.

Rolf Nobel is convinced of the revised concept: This highly remunerative university sponsoring is setting standards in the area of German photojournalism and offers the winner of the VGH Fotopreis the freedom to realize ambitious projects without financial pressure and to upgrade the already proven talent. With the steering towards a sponsoring for up-and-coming photographers of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the VGH supports a talent pool, which belongs to Europe's leading training centres and which called local and national attention through its activities like the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism.

By supporting documentary photography, the VGH turns itself in to current socio-critical and ironical-critical themes, which will attract interest especially among a younger audience. The regional prominence of the previous VGH Fotopreis, which was announced by the company for amateur- and professional photographers for six times since the year 2001, shall be strengthened by the conceptual realignment.



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Photography department wins 5000 Euro

The prize, endowed with 5000 Euro, was received by Prof. Rolf Nobel and apprentice Jelca Kollatsch. Photo: Isabel Winarsch

The photography department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover was honoured for its stand at this yearŽs photokina, the largest photo exhibition in the world. Criteria for the prize, endowed with 5000 Euro, were photography, design and information brokering at the booth. Apart from Hanover, the academies of Bielefeld and Munster were also honoured. Among others, Norbert Waning, executive director of the BFF, Prof. Klaus Dierßen fromt the University of Hildesheim and Anna Gripp, editor of »Photonews«, were part of the jury. 23 universities qualified for the exhibition at the photo trade fair. Over 50 photo schools and universities applied for one of the no-cost boothes. The university of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover was accepted for the second time. The 23 universities presented current projects, exhibitions and diploma projects from photography and imaging at the special area Academy meets photokina. They give interesting insight into the creative possibilities of digital imaging and creative image design.

Many prospective students took the opportunity to get further information about studying Photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover. Photo: Isabel Winarsch


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Photography department at the photokina

Like two years ago, the photography department is presented with a stand at this year's  photokina in Cologne. In Hall 1, the so-called Visual Gallery, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts appears at stand No. 12. According to the major field of study, photojournalism, the group project »Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen?« will be shown on the six walls of the booth.

The presentation of 23 universities and photography schools offers a great opportunity for interested parties to get informations about studying photography at the different schools on location. There is possibilty to talk about the terms and conditions of the studies with both the university teachers as well as with students. Photo projects of the schools will be shown in a beamer presentation. In contrast to the halls of the photographic industry, the admission for hall 1 is free.

»At Bundespresseball«, captured by photography student Tobias Schmitt for the project »Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen?« that will be presented at the photokina in Cologne.

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»Hommage à Perpignan«

Already for the seventh time, the field of study Photography from the University of Hanover will be represented in an exhibition in the context of the Off-Festival during the Visa Pour lŽImage fotofestival for photojournalism in Perpignan. The photo students present the exhibition »Hommage à Perpignan«. On behalf of the city government, about ten students took pictures in the Southern French city last year. The photo reportages offer a representative view on the daily life in Perpignan, which is this yearŽs cultural capital of the French-Spanish region of Catalonia.
The exhibition can be seen in the week of 30.08. to 06.09., »Salle de Libertés«, Rue Edmont Bartisol 3, daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p. m.
The vernissage will, as always, take place on Tuesday of the festival week (2. September) at 6 p. m. The city of Perpignan organizes a party, where food and drinks of the region of Catalonia will be served.

The following photographs are part of the exhibition, which will be shown in Perpignan:

Dominiques Sala in her spice trade shop Epicerie Sala, Perpignan, photo: Astis Krause

Jean-Paul Alduy, mayor of the city Perpignan, photo: Anna Jockisch

Henri Carboneil, from the undertaker roussillon, Perpignan, photo: Anna Bresztowszky


Andy Spyra among the award winners of the ZIF Photo AWARD 2008

For the second time, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) at the University of Bielefeld announced in cooperation with ZEIT-Online the ZiF Photo Award. Photographers from all German-speaking regions were invited to participate.

The Hanoverian photo student Andy Spyra submitted a series of pictures taken at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm 2007 for the theme »control of the violence« and came third place, endowed with 250€.

The work of the winners and a selection of the best competition entries are exhibited from 6th August to 13th September in the ZiF of the University of Bielefeld. In addition, there is a publication in the ZEIT-Online gallery. The official award ceremony will take place on September 13th, 7:30 pm at the ZiF.

Protesters at the G8 Summit 2007 in Heiligendamm/Germany. Foto: Andy Spyra

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Festival-reportage published in stern

The first reportage that was published after the exhibition at the festival for young photojournalism comes from a diploma student from Hanover. Due to the jokey-ironic photos, Andreas Meichsners coverage »Willkommen im Club« about club vacations was already very favored by the festival visitors. And also Andreas Trampe, photo chief of the stern, liked it. In the stern issue 33 of August 7th, the reportage was published under the same title on six double spreads. A big success for Andreas Meichsner who got his diploma in january 2006 and already received several awards. For his project »Cluburlaub« he already got a studentship of the »Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst«. Andreas Meichsner works as a freelance photographer and lives in Berlin.


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Lene Münch wins Canon Profifoto Förderpreis

The Hanoverian photo student Lene Münch (24) gained one of the five advancement awards of the Canon Profifoto Förderpreis which takes place biannual. She convinced the jury with her concept for the completion of her work about a research institute on Riems, an island in the Baltic sea, which deals with highly dangerous animal diseases. Münch started to work on the project during a seminar on the subject-matter science with Professor Rolf Nobel as her lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. "Especially the unusual location of the institute and the working conditions with the prevailing high level of security intrigued me”", the up-and-coming photographer explains her choice of subject.


Two of Lene Münch's award-winning photographs about a research institute
located on the island of Riems.


By the award she gets support in the form of equipment or expendable items from Canon, worth 2000 Euros. Jury-member Lutz Fishman of the photo-journalists association FreeLens was surprised by the high level of quality of the presented work: "“Especially the many women photographers dealt with relevant issues and convinced with their different access and their sensitive way to handle the subjects”." Altogether 196 young photographers under the age of 30 years contended for one of the prizes. Further jurors were Juliane Rückriehm and Gérard A. Goodrow, Visual Gallery at photokina, Christopher Simon, Corbis, Andrea Scholtyssek-Kohlhase, Lumas, and Gregor Hermanns, Canon Professional Service, CPS.



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Diploma summer semester 08

On Tuesday, 07/08, and on Wednesday, 07/09, there will be four diploma presentations in the auditorium of the Design Center.

The speakers be pleased about many listeners!


Theme: »STAYED – German Mennonites in Siberia.«
Date: 07/08, 3:15pm

In the beginning of the 20th century German Mennonites founded the village Solnzewka in Western Siberia. For a long time this seemed to be the end of a perplex migration history. But the catastrophic living conditions during the Perestroika, made most of them return to Germany. Back to the country where the journey of their ancestors began 400 years ago.
But some stayed in Solnzewka, as they did not want to gainsay God’s Will, which took them here. Today, they are supposed to be the biggest Mennonite Brethren in Russia. A village reportage


Date: 07/09, 4pm

The food industry is a highly technologised own world, being adjusted to nourish more and more people. The work is an photographic examination with mass production and processing of aliments. Wide, total shoots of the factory building added by details as an abstraction of the large-scale production.


Theme: »Goodbye. Insights into dealing with death.«
Date: 07/08, 1.45 pm

For some death is their daily life - even routine - for others death comes unexpected. Therefore, this photo essay gives insights into the possibilites of how to take leave of someone and to remember him or her as well as to look behind the scences.


Theme: »Being left – forgotten – ruined«
Date: 07/08, 2.30 pm

Manor houses in Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania, which had survived decades of economic ups and downs, overcame at least two World Wars and the abridgement hype in the DDR, are now faced with ruin.



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02/06 2008

Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism draws the attention with a trailer

The Lumix festival for young photojournalism also draws the attention, by a 30sec long trailer, in regional cinemas and on the passenger's television of the Hanoverian transport services.

Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

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Students at the picture agency fair PICTA

Photo: Franz Bischof

From the 6th - 8th of March the picture agency fair PICTA took place in Hamburg.
The field of study Photography showed in a photo exhibition a retrospection of reportages and photo series created under Prof. Rolf Nobel.
Besides this, the students appeared with an information booth advertising for the »LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism«  The festival takes place for the first time from 18th - 21st of June. For more information please go to www.fotofestival-hannover.de.

Photo: Janne Fahlke

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»Close Up!« Young photo journalists on the Film Festival Berlinale

On the occasion of the 58th International Film Festival Berlinale the exhibition of the project CloseUp! of the C/O Berlin was opened on 02/17/08 in the Alten Postfuhramt  in Berlin. 18 photographers from different German universities accompanied the festival in front of and behind the scene. Amongst them, were also three students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. Dieter Kosslick, patron of the project and director of the festival, commended the this year’s quality of the submitted works and the big commitment.

Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

It turned out to be an exhibition showing the Berlinale from the point of view of the upcoming photographers which purposely does not correspond to the normal demonstration of the film festival in the print media. Christopher Neumann – student of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts – won the first price, which is sponsored by Canon.
The exhibition takes place until 03/09/08 daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Alten Postfuhramt, Oranienburger Straße 35 – 36, in Berlin.

Photo: Anna Bresztowszky

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Px3's Human Condition Competition

the aim of this competition is to show the versatile living conditions of people from the whole world. This year the American photographer Stephanie Sinclair won the competition with her series »Bride Price«.

Two photo students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover also submitted their works:
Christian Burkert and Michael Löwa received an Honourable Mention from the jury for their series.

The black and white series shoot by Christian Burkert deals with homeless persons in Tokyo, who live on the streets of the metropolis being excluded from the achievement-orientated society and who have lost their faces in the view of most of Christian’s reportage will also be exhibited amongst 26 other nominated works in Los Angeles and New York.

The final year project of the former student Michael Löwa is about the circus ZipZap in Cape Town / South Africa that uses artistry to help teenagers from the city’s ghetto to get new self-esteem.

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Students participate in photo contest taking place within the »Berlinale«

The gallery C/O Berlin again organizes in cooperation with the 58th International Film Festival »Berlinale« and Canon the photo contest »Close Up!« for young photo journalists. Anna Bresztowszky, Martin Rohrmann and Fara Phoebe Zetzsche were being invited.

Foto: Anna Bresztowszky

From the 7th – 15th of February 18 photographers will be daily right at the red carpet, many special events and receptions in order to document the 58th Berlinale in detail. The photos of all the participants will be awarded on February 17th by a jury and then be displayed in public in an exhibition at C/O Berlin. The show will last until 9th of March in the C/O Berlin, Alte Hauptpost. At the same time there will be an exhibition of Martin Parr. We cordially invite you to come. 

Foto: Martin Rohrmann

Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

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Final year projects 01/29-30/2008

On Tuesday, the 29th January and Wednesday, the 30th of January 2008 the presentations of eight final year projects will take place at the lecture room of the Design Center.

The graduands take pleasure in your numerous appearance!

Date: 01/29/2008, 10 a.m.
Topic:  »Moments of an urbanization«

Moments of an urbanization is an photographic essay about the influence that  mankind and the sea have on the landscape of the North Sea island Sylt.

Date: 01/29/2008, 11:30 a.m.
Topic:  »A nation of railroad engineers«

Germany is the worldwide biggest railway modelling club. There is no other country with so many hobby railroad engineers than here. A photo reportage about the biggest hobby of the Germans.

Date: 01/29/2008, 2:00 p.m.
Topic:  »Arriba Bolivia! A country with traditions and in a state of break up«

»Arriba Bolivia!« is an photographic essay telling the rhythm of a life in
a developing nation.
With its first indigenous president in the history of the country, Bolivia is now more than ever in its break up.

Date: 01/29/2008, 3:30 p.m.
Topic:  »STAND UP UND GO! - Photos of the St.James’ Way«

»The actual secret on your way to happiness are contentment, fulfilment and time.« (Dalai Lama)
The same is applicable for the St. James’ Way.
In our society, which is shaped by technique and mobility, information overload and restlessness, many people decide to undertake this exhausting journey. They do this on purpose. They want to experience the tradition of a Christian pilgrimage in order to search for happiness, to have time for themselves and just to feel like a human being again.

Date: 01/30/2008, 10:00 a.m.
Topic:  »Nauru – the forgotten island«

The final year project »Nauru – the forgotten island« is an photographic essay about the life on the world’s smallest and independent island state. The island belongs to the three biggest phosphate rock island in the Pacific Ocean.  Due to selling their natural resources Nauru once had been one of the richest nations on earth.

Date: 01/30/2008, 11:45 a.m.
Topic:  »Women behind bars«

The photo reportage »Women behind bars« shows the daily routine of four women in jail.
Statistically seen they are not relevant: Approximately just five percent of all prison inmates are women. There were many speculations about the causes, but nobody did research on this or even thought about it for a longer time period. Female criminality is unimportant, imprisonments are for men. The approximately 3000 women being detained in Germany have to suffer under this fact.

Date: 01/30/2008, 2:45 p.m.
Topic:  »Metros in Germany«

An architectural photo series about the German metro landscape across the republic. A photographic excursion through eight German cities in the fascinating and versatile underground world of metro stations.

Date: 01/30/2008, 4:15 p.m.
Topic:  »Car tuning – wider, lower, faster«

Staged portraits of people tuning their cars as a hobby.
The car is the favourite hobby of the Germans. For many people their car is the reason for living, right after their TV set.  The definition means following: I am the car I drive. The car represents their creativity, fantasy and is an object identification. These persons exhibit their way of life with the equipment, the motorization and the choice of colour their vehicles . With the help of their cars they can be somebody else.

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Fotostudenten.de in English

As our website is online now since almost six years, we decided to offer you the possibility to choose between an English and a German version! At the end of 2007 we noticed a growing number of international visitors. Due to this, every text on www.fotostudenten.de will also be available in English. That will allow you and many others to get all relevant information about the activities of the photo students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover in English! Thank you for your interest in our website. We wish you a Happy New Year!

Image campaign for the Design Department of the Fachhochschule Hannover with students, lecturers and professors. Photo by Merlin Nadj-Torma

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